How to Connect D-Link ADSL modem via USB for BSNL Broadband.

Connecting your computer with the ADSL modem via a USB cable is little bit more complicated than from connecting it via LAN.

When my computer’s LAN card multifunctioned, I had to find an alternate way to connect my computer with the modem. Instead of  contacting BSNL customer care representative (BSNL is my Internet service provider), I thought – “Why not try connecting my computer and the modem through the USB cable and see whether I can browse the internet or not”.

With a fair amount of headhunting and tweaking through my router’s network preferences, I was able to connect BSNL’s ADSL modem with the USB cable and use my internet connection without a LAN connection. If you want to do the same, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1. Open your a browser, type in the address bar and enter your modems username and password. In case you need help finding the username and password of your modem or want to reset it, you might want to check our earlier tutorial on this.

Connect D Link ADSL Modem

2. Now click on the Setup tab and then click on LAN Configuration link from the left panel.

3. Select USB in the interface field and click Add, beside LAN group 1 field.

4. Select USB from the LAN group 1 field  and click on the configure link beside it

5. Do the following setting on your modem as shown in the screen shot. After that click on the apply button.

Connect D Link Adsl Modem

6. Click on the New Connection link from the left panel which will open a new window where you have to enter the following details.

Name: <Your Name>

Type: PPPoE

Sharing: Disabled

Username: <Your Username>

Password: <Your Password>

VPI: 0

VCI: 35


When you are done adding all the above values, click on the Apply button.

Connect D Link ADSL Modem

7. Click on the tools tab and then choose the System Command on the left panel

8. Finally, click on the Save All button and then click on the Restart button  to restart your modem. This is required for the changes to take effect.

D link modem

9. After you restart the modem, all the LEDs of the modem will be off for some time and shortly afterwards the power LED will glow followed by the glowing of the ADSL LED.

When the modem has turned on completely, the PPPoE and USB LED’s will also start blinking. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the setup of BSNL broadband connection via the USB cable and it does not matter whether the LAN card of your computer’s mother board is in working order or not.

I hope that these setup procedures will help you a lot, if you face any other problem regarding setting up an internet connection or setting up a wireless network connection, please let us know your concern in the comments section below

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