How to Connect to FTP Server with Portable FTP Tools

Situation: You are working on a public computer which do not have an FTP client installed. You need to download or upload files to your website but the computer you are using do not have administrative privileges. Thus you can not install an FTP client and upload new files to your web server.

Solution: How about carrying an FTP software in your removable drive so that you can connect to your web server from any computer without having to install anything.

Use FTP From Browser – Portable Firefox

You can use the portable version of Firefox and install FireFTP – an addon which turns Firefox into an FTP client. After the add-on is installed, select “Fireftp” from the Tools menu and you can connect to your FTP server.

Use Firefox to Connect and Upload files to FTP server

The advantage of using Firefox for uploading files is simple. First, you need not install a separate FTP client to transfer / download the files from your website. Second, it is purely browser based and thus works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You can switch tabs between the local and remote folders and drag and drop to upload new files or download old ones. Fireftp also allows you to import and export website settings to a dat file.

Use a Portable FTP Client from Your USB Drive

FTP Wanderer: FTP Wanderer is a portable FTP client for Windows that can be used from a USB drive and do not require any installation. It looks just the same as Windows explorer and you can just drag and drop to upload new files.

The user interface is extremely simple to use and you can just follow the simple wizard to connect your site.

Filezilla Portable: If you love using Filezilla, you can use the Portable version of Filezilla from Portable Apps. The application does not require any installation and thus can be run from a USB drive, Ipod or CD.

Use Filezilla from a Portable USB drive

MAC users can use CyberDuck as a portable FTP client while Linux users can try the Linux version of Filezilla portable.

What’s your favorite portable tool to connect to your FTP server? Share your ideas in the comments.


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