How To Delete Your Facebook Search History And Save Privacy

We often use Facebook to carry out searches about people, places and events. Cluttering of such search history gives rise to neat suggestions from Facebook which you might be finding handy at times. But what you don’t realize is that this also voids your privacy as Facebook stores your search data and sells it to advertisers who in turn use it to show you targeted advertisements. Privacy maniacs (such as me) often find this not so cool to cave in to. Thus if you are looking to maintain discretion, simply follow the given steps.

How To Delete Your Facebook Search History On the Website

If you are using the website, follow these steps –

1. Click on the arrow on the top right for the drop down menu.

2. Now click on activity log. This will take you to the list of all your facebook activity.



3. In the left hand panel, click on More to expand the column for more options.



4. Navigate to the Search option at the bottom of the list to access the database of your search history on facebook.



5. You will now see your search history sorted by the time and date of the search. To delete individual searches, click on the block circle on the right and then click on Delete.



6. A confirmation dialog box will pop up. Click on Remove Search to complete the process.



7. To delete your whole Facebook search history at once, click on Clear Searches is the top right. This will also show you a confirmation dialog box from Facebook. Again click on Clear Searches in the box. This wraps up the process on the website. Go to the next section to learn how to do the same on the app.



How To Delete Your Facebook Search History on the App

If you are using the Facebook application on your smartphone, follow these steps –

1. Launch the Facebook app and click on the three horizontal lines to go to the options menu.

2. Scroll down and navigate to Activity Log under Help and Settings.



3. This log contains all your Facebook activity. To go to the search history log, click on Filter at the top.



4. Scroll down and navigate to the Search option in the list.



5. Once you click on it, you will now see your search history as a list. To delete any individual search entry, simply click on the small cross sign to the right of that search.



6. To delete the whole search history at once click on Clear Searches and confirm any pop up messages that follow.


This wraps up the tutorial. Check out more such tutorials on Facebook like How to Stop Facebook videos from Autoplaying and Ways to Make Facebook App Open Links Externally to further improve privacy protection.

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