How to Disable Animation on iOS, iPhone/iPad

There is no need to mention all the good features of iOS as the list is endless. iOS is certainly an awesome platform for mobile and tablet, which is used by millions of people. iOS has several notable features like Night Shift, Low Power Mode, password protected note and many more. Although, these features have included in the latest version of iOS but people are about to be habituated as it seems Apple will continue these features.

Alike Android and Windows Phone, you can find animations on iOS as well. Animation is pretty good to upgrade the user experience. Animation on mobile is having advantage as well as disadvantage.

The advantage of animation on iOS is you can get a better user experience while exploring different apps. It will switch the app in a beautiful way. However, the disadvantage is quite bigger than the advantage. Sometime, it makes the phone slower as compared when animation is turned off. If you have animation on your mobile, it will take a little bit of more time to switch from one tab to another as it will show the animation and then open the subsequent page. No matter, what mobile platform you use, but animation will certainly make it slower.

How to Disable Animation on iOS

Although, there is no huge time consuming animation included in iPhone or iPad, but still some people may want to turn off animation and transition of your iOS device, here you go. For some people, this is absolutely fine. But, if animation is hurting your user experience and you want to turn it off, just follow this guide. It will let you disable animation on iOS aka iPhone or iPad. If you are using iOS 7 or later version, you can simply follow this guide.

Disable Animation on iOS, iPhone/iPad

In this case, you do not have to download any third party app as the setting comes with your iOS device. Although, Apple doesn’t allow users to disable animation completely, but you can certainly reduce all the animations within moments and without any third party app.

Therefore, at first open Settings and go to General settings of your iPhone or iPad. Here, you can find Accessibility settings. This should be included under CarPlay settings.

Accessibility settings on iOS

Now scroll down and find out the label that says Reduce Motion.

Reduce Motion settings on iOS

By default, it should be turned off. To reduce animation on your iPhone, just toggle the button to turn it on.

Disable motion in iOS

It will reduce all the parallax effects immediately.

That’s it! When you do not need any animation on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily reduce it by utilizing this aforementioned option. At the same time, if you want to get back your animations on your iOS device, you can go to the same location and turn it off.

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