How to Disable Automatic Update in Windows 10

Although, Microsoft has included so many new features in Windows 10, yet, they have removed some useful options as well. One of the worst change they have done is the elimination of “Windows Update” settings from Control Panel. Although, Windows Update settings is included in new Settings panel of Windows 10, yet, there is no option to disable automatic update. This is where this tutorial comes in.

Whenever, you will try to make any change using the new option of Windows Update under new Settings panel, you will get these following options,

  • Automatic (recommended)
  • Notify to schedule restart

Disable Automatic Update in Windows 10

Nevertheless, there are many people, who do not like to update Windows due to many reason. Even through, this is NOT recommended to get updates, yet, if you do not want to get any more Windows system update in Windows 10 and want to block automatic update, here is a simple trick. This simple change will let you disable without installing any third party software. You can disable automatic update in Windows 10 using Group Policy Editor as well as Windows Update Service under Administrative tools. Both of them are available in any Windows 10 PC and the method is pretty simple.

Disable Automatic Update in Windows 10 Group Policy Editor

This is easier but tricky. At first, open Group Policy Editor. To open Group Policy Editor, just press Win + R, type gpedit.msc and hit enter. Then, navigate through the following path,

Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Windows Update

You can find Configure Automatic Update on your right hand side. Double click on it to make a change. Select Disabled and save your change.


That’s it.

Disable Automatic Update in Windows 10 using Administrative Tools

This is another method to turn off auto windows system update. To get started, press Win + X and go to Control Panel. You can use any other method as well to open Control Panel. Following that, open Administrative Tools and double click on Services.

Scroll down and find out Windows Update. Then, double click on it to open the Properties. Now, click on the drop-down menu under Startup type and select Disabled.


Now, click on Apply and OK respectively.

Final Word

Generally, Windows 10 Home users cannot get Defer updates. That means, no matter whatever, you do except these above changes, you cannot delay the update. Whereas, Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise edition users have the option what assists them to delay updates so that they can do other work. At such moments, the second trick will help any user to disable automatic Windows update.


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