How to Disable Force Touch in OS X El Capitan

Force Touch is a new inclusion. Generally, new features come with new operating system. But, this time a brand new useful feature has arrived with new gadgets of Apple. They are mid-2015 MacBook Pro, Early 2015 Retina MacBook and all the other devices after that. Apart from having those MacBook, you can also use Force Touch, if you have Magic Trackpad 2. On the other hand, you need OS X El Capitan to get the advantage of Force Touch.

What is Force Touch?

In simple words, Force Touch is such a feature that measure the pressure of touch and click on the touchpad or trackpad and then it helps users to do various things faster. With the help of Force Touch, Apple has quietly introduced nested touch. You can use Force Touch to various things like Zoom in/out, rename file/folder in Finder, preview any file, browse internet using Apple Safari, draw anywhere, create calendar entry. Except all these things, you can control different things like maps, iMovie and more.

In simple words, Force Touch will let you get things done faster. Sometime, you do not have to move your finger from the touchpad since most of the works will done through this. All you need to do is to set up Force Touch and Force Click according to your requirements.

How to Disable Force Touch in OS X El Capitan

Even though, Force Touch seems really great inclusion, yet, some people do not want to use it since they are not familiar with this. As this is a new feature, you may have to spend a little time to be familiar with this. But, if you do not want to spend time on this new and awesome feature, you can simply disable it. Here is a trick that will assist you to disable Force Touch and Force Click.

If you have a confusion between Force Touch and Force Click, you should know that Force Touch is technology and Force Click is what you need to do.

Disable Force Touch in OS X El Capitan

Disabling Force Touch or Force Click in OS X El Capitan is very easy and not much time consuming. At the same time, you do not have to install any third party software as well since the option in included in the Settings panel. Just head over to the following settings.

At first, open System Preferences. Then, go to Trackpad >> Point & Click section. Here, you will get an option called Force Click and haptic feedback.

Disable Force Touch in OS X El Capitan

Just remove tick from the checkbox. That’s all.

Now, you cannot get the Force Click. However, before going through these options, you should know that they are not available in all MacBook. If you have aforementioned MacBook, you can get them. Otherwise, there is no need to use this tutorial since Force Touch is not available in older MacBook.


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