How to Exclude Posts Of Certain Tag From Appearing in Blog’s Homepage

If you have a blog on WordPress, then you might like to customize the homepage and exclude certain posts from appearing on the homepage of your blog. We have already discussed, how to exclude posts of certain category from the homepage of your blog. This article describes how you can exclude a post of certain tag from appearing on blog’s homepage.

The Simply Exclude plugin can be used to completely customize your homepage with tags. You can choose to remove posts from a certain category or tag from the homepage. The advantage of excluding posts based on tags is far more convenient than excluding posts based on a certain category as you would not want to assign multiple categories to a post just for the sake of excluding it from the homepage. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Download the Simply exclude WordPress plugin and upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder. After that, activate the plugin from WordPress administration panel.

2. Once the plugin is activated, browse to the Simply Exclude link and click “Exclude tags”.

Exclude posts of certain tags in WordPress blog homepage

3.  Select the tag which you want to exlude from appearing in the homepage of your WordPress blog. You can select multiple tags and all the posts that contains the tag, will be excluded.


4. Next, you can specify more rules on the appearance of your post in archive or search result pages. You may even exclude the post of certain tag from appearing in the RSS feed.

There you go. All the posts from the specified tag will be excluded from the front page or RSS feed of your blog depending upon the rules you chose. Apart from excluding posts of a certain tag, you can even exclude posts of a particular author or category. For more, check out how to customize the number of posts in different pages of your WordPress blog.


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