How to Extend Windows Taskbar Across Multiple Monitors

Having used an extended monitor with my laptop for quite some time, I feel a little annoyed over certain things. First, the Windows taskbar and Windows start menu are not present in the secondary monitor. There is no way I can launch programs directly from the secondary monitor itself, as I have to drag the mouse over at the primary monitor, click Windows start menu, find the application icon and then launch it in the primary monitor first.

Next, I have to drag the application window to the secondary display, which is too many steps for that matter.

The second common annoyance with multiple monitors is that there is no easy way to pin application windows from one monitor to other. Let’s say your work desk has three of four extended monitors and you want to quickly pin an application window from the primary monitor to the fourth one.

Windows Taskbar on Multiple extended monitors

The usual case here is to click the application window, and drag it all the way down to your right until it passes to the second, third and finally to the fourth monitor. Now consider a scenario when you have half a dozen program windows open across different monitors and you want a really one click option to pin windows from one monitor to other, without having to drag and drop them over and over again.

Add A Windows Taskbar in Your Extended Monitor

Multimonitor taskbar is a freeware utility which extends Windows 7 taskbar on multiple monitors attached to your system. The program lets you quickly minimize or maximize application windows from any extended monitor and not just the primary one. If you have a three monitor setup, the program adds a third indows taskbar on the third display and iof you have a four monitor setup, the application adds a fourth Windows taskbar on the fourth monitor.

All the taskbars are duplicate copies of each other and you can minimize program and application windows from any monitor of your choice.

This is a real lifesaver when you are not very comfortable using the Alt – Tab keyboard shortcut (or the Win key + Tab one) for minimizing and maximizing program windows and want to access Windows 7 taskbar from all the monitors or secondary displays attached to your system.

Additionally, the program also adds a “Pin” option on the top right corner of every application window which lets you quickly move the window from one monitor to another. Here is how the “Move” option looks like:

So if you have a dual or triple monitor work station and you always wanted an app which could easily move program windows from one secondary display to its immediate neighbor, this little program is all you need.


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