How to Fix Blur Font in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a popular operating system in today’s tech world, which is being used by millions of people. After a long time, Microsoft has launched such an OS that can be used by any type of people including students, gamers, graphic designers, video graphic designers etc. No matter whatever you do with Windows 10, if you use multiple screens, you can face a really awkward problem.

Generally, video graphics designers and programmers use multiple screens at a time to get better and quicker result. But, Windows 10 can show a problem. If you have 2 high DPI monitors and 1 low DPI monitor, you can get this problem frequently until you fix it. Windows 10 will not switch all the display settings when you will switch from high DPI monitor to low DPI monitor. that is when you will get blurry font on low DPI monitors since your monitor will carry the changes of high DPI.

How to Fix Blur Font in Windows 10

This particular problem was not there in Windows 7/8/8.1. But, unfortunately, some users have encountered with this problem badly. In fact, some Windows 10 users have experienced the same issue on a single monitor computer.

If you are one of them and want to troubleshoot this problem, here you go. Here is a simple solution that will let you fix blurry font issues in Windows 10.

Fix Blur Font in Windows 10

There is a free software called XPExplorer. It helps users to set the DPI automatically what Windows 10 cannot do. As Windows 10 cannot set the DPI scaling to 125% on wide screen, you can use this tiny tool to get things done.

Therefore, download XPExplorer and open it on your Windows 10 PC. Following that, you will get a screen something like the subsequent picture.

XpExplorer - Fix Blur font in Windows 10

Just select Use Windows 8.1 DPI scaling and choose 125% from the drop-down menu before clicking on the Apply button.

Now, your screen will take a few couple of seconds to scale up everything. At last, you will get normal font.

Final Word

There is no Registry Tweak because if you set manual DPI, your screen will again show the same problem when you switch from low DPI to high DPI and vice versa. But, in this case, you are going to use a software, which will take care of this change and scale the DPI automatically.

In background of this software, a simple code runs, which sets the DPI as it was in previous versions of Windows aka Windows 7/8/8.1. As those Windows had no such issue, you won’t get any blur font in this newest version as well.


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