How to Fix Broken Icons in Firefox

Although, Windows 10 is awesome in terms of features and ease of access, yet, different people have been facing different problems after upgrading to Windows 10. Sometime, some important hardware stops working. When, sometime some apps get hanged. Today, here is another issues, what many people have encountered with after upgrading machine to Windows 10.

You know that Firefox is a popular web browser. Although, some people prefer to use Google Chrome, yet, many security concerned people are using Firefox as a primary web browser. However, a lot of people have claimed that they failed to install Firefox in Windows 10. Although, that should not a “system requirements” related problem because Firefox can be installed in any operating system.

After installing Firefox in Windows 10, all the icons showing as broken. If you check the following image, you can understand the problem.

Broken firefox icon

If you are getting similar problem, here is a solution. Actually, this problem is not related to browser. This problem is related to the video driver. Therefore, here are few possible solutions.

Install video driver

Before installing Windows 10, make sure that all the drivers for your PC manufacturer are available or not. If you get anything missing, do not install Windows 10. Otherwise, you will get similar problem while installing Firefox. Therefore, if you haven’t installed the proper video driver, you should install that right away. This is the actual solution of this problem. Just head over to the official website of your laptop or desktop computer manufacturer and download all the drivers before installing Windows 10. This will let you get things done within minutes.

Update video driver

If you have the proper video driver installed, yet, you are getting the problem, you should update your video driver. To update the video driver, the simplest way is downloading the latest version from the official website and overwrite the existing driver. Otherwise, you can uninstall the existing driver and then re-install it. Both are same and both work same. As this problem’s solution is video driver, you should definitely consider this fix.

Reinstall Firefox

Sometime, some apps get hanged and broken due to some internal problems. Firefox can be a victim of such issues. Therefore, you need to uninstall the existing installation of Firefox, download the latest version and install it. Before that, you can backup your browser using any third party software or using any other method so that you can get your data back. If you are ready to use this fix, you can backup the bookmarks manually. In case, the browser shows the same problem after reinstalling, try to install any other version of Firefox.

Final Word

The very first fix is the actual solution of this problem. You should not get any issue after installing the video driver. As mentioned before, in case you keep getting the problem even after installing video driver, do follow the other two guides.

If you are getting blurry font in Windows 10, do check out this guide.

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