How to get in-built File Manager in Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow has solved several problems. It helps users to get better security. At the same time, it comes with some other new features. Previously, we have mentioned that Android Marshmallow has the option to allow or revoke app permission. However, here is another new feature, which is called File Manager.

In the earlier versions of Android i.e. Android Lollipop, KitKat etc. there is no file manager that can let you explore files and folder. You can obviously navigate through folders but you must have a file explorer app like ES File Explorer, ASTRO File Manager, File Expert, Sliding Explorer etc. However, now this is possible to access an in-built file manager in Android 6.0 since it comes with that option.

Use in-built File Manager in Android Marshmallow

Most of the people cannot find this file manager in Android 6.0 as it is hidden. This feature will be overlooked or remain unknown if you do not explore your mobile or look for the new features of Android Marshmallow.

To open the built-in file manager of Android 6.0, just open Settings  and navigate through Storage & USB >> Internal Storage >> Explore.

Use in-built File Manager in Android Marshmallow

Here you will get all the files. As they are well categorized, you cannot get all files on one screen. Just go through the category (Apps, Images, Videos, Audio etc.) to find out your stored files. This a basic file manager but is consisted with all the essential features.

To open any file, just tap on that – as usual. It will let you open that particular file with default app or available app. Just like you have done earlier.

If you want to share any file, just tap and hold your finger on a file to select. Therefore, you will get the Share button in the action panel. Following that, you will get all the available options/apps to share that file.

To copy any file/s, you can do the traditional thing. That means, just select file/s and tap on Copy to button. After that, you will have to open any folder where you would like to paste that. The Paste option will be shown in the action panel.

This is also possible to change the view. But, it comes with only two different views i.e. List and Grid. You can tap on the respective button to change the view. On the other hand, you can also sort files by name, date and size.

Final Word

Although, this is a basic file manager for Android 6.0 users, yet, it is quite useful. You will get almost all essential features in this file manager. However, if you need more features, you can simply install any third party file manager app like ES File Manager, ASTRO File Manager etc.

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