How to Install Kodi on iOS 9

Although, Apple has launched yet another version of iOS with some iconic improvements, yet, there is a lack of so-called great media players, which can uplift your experience within moments. Kodi is such a great cross-platform media player that can certainly upgrade your experience more than 2 times. In a simple line, if you have Kodi, you can forget other things like music player, video player, TV shows player, picture viewer, live TV app and many more.

What is Kodi?

If you are still not convinced, let me explain it. Kodi was formerly known as XMBC. However, due to some serious trademark issues, they had to change the name. However, the features are still same and even better. In a simple line, Kodi is a media player that can play different things including mp3, videos, games and many more.

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9


Although, Kodi is such a great media player, yet, it is not available in Apple Store. This is because it requires some additional privilege to function correctly. And the only way is jailbreak. That simple implies you need jailbroken iOS device to install and run Kodi.

Install Kodi on iOS 9

Previously, Jailbreak was available up to iOS 8.0.2. However, now, you can jailbreak iOS 9 as well. Therefore, if you have jailbroken iOS 9 device, you can easily install Kodi. After jailbreaking, you need Cydia app as Kodi will be working like a Cydia tweak.

The developers launched Kodi few weeks back but it came with a problem. Few users claimed that their app restarts every now and then after installing it. At the same time, some of the important features stopped working after installing this app.

However, the developers have released an update to fix this and now it is working fine without any major or minor issue.

Therefore, to install Kodi on iOS 9, you have to follow these subsequent steps,

At first, open Cydia and go to Sources tab. Following that, tap on Edit and Add respectively. Then, enter the following source,

& tap on Add Souce.

After that, the installation process will be starting automatically. Currently, Kodi 15.2 is running and you will get the latest version if you try after some days. This is because Kodi developers push updates frequently.

The UI of Kodi app is quite similar to previous versions of iOS. That means, all the options will be located on your left hand side. All the other features are well organized as well.

Final Word

If you really Kodi, you can jailbreak your device. In addition, if you need all in one player, you can get Kodi. This is free. It will solve all your problems regarding media.

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