How to Jump to a Specific part of a You tube Video with a Neat Trick

You can link and see a particular portion of a You tube Video with this neat and simple trick.

Suppose you wish to See a You tube Video Just after X minutes and Y seconds.Simply Copy the URL of the You tube Video and append #t=xmys at the end of it.

So if your You tube Video URL is and you wish to see only A portion of the video after say 7 minutes and 30 seconds you need to paste the following in your Browser address bar : (See example)

This can be really Useful when you want to show someone a specific part of the video.Thanks Matt Cutts.

But in case you don’t remember the process or it doesn’t works ( in some cases) there is a Smart alternative

Head straight to YoutubeTime. Paste Your Youtube Video URL and choose a Start time. A new URL will be generated Which You can Use to skip the beginning Portion of the Video.

The only downside I find is that other Video sharing Sites are Not supported. So if you have a video in Google Video or Metacafe You have No other Option.

I want to Download only a portion of a You tube Video. Is it Possible ?

I am sorry but i am not aware of any such tool.You have to download the entire video first.Just append pwn before the You tube video URL and you can download it.So if your You Tube video URL is then your Download URL becomes

After the Download is complete use the free FLV Parser to split the Large Video into small FLV chunks.


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