How To Launch Desktop Applications From Google Drive In Chrome

Google Drive is an excellent place for our backup. With it’s compatibility among all variety of devices and across all other google services, it offers very nice features who use it. It syncs all our files from our computer to our mobile phone without any issues very well.

Using Google Drive, you can create power point slides, word documents and excel sheets from browser itself even if you don’t have any software installed within your system. Also, you can preview all your files depending on the category from your browser itself in Google Drive, create and share the files across the Internet.

This indeed a great implementation by Google combining our browser with desktop applications and giving us the ability to do more things. But its not easily possible to make our browser and installed applications in our system work together.

Wrong- You can do that too from now on. Praise Google.

Now you can view and open a file in Google Drive directly into a supporting application which was installed in your system. Cool, isn’t it?


Great, but how to do that? – Simple, just install the latest version of Google Drive App for Windows or Mac and sync with your files. After that, open your chrome, go to your files, select any file , right click one it and select “Open with” option. Now you can see all applications installed in your system which are compatible with that file type. You can directly open your file in that Application, edit it and save the changes to Google Drive. This will sync across all your devices where you use Google Drive. That means, you can edit pdf file in your browser using Adobe Reader or Sumatra Pdf if you have installed that in your system. and save the changes back.


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