Turn Crap Cardbox Box into A Laptop Cooling Stand [DIY]

As we keep working on our laptops for a long time, it keeps getting hotter.Laptops are smaller than the desktops, the hardware inside needs to be cramped into a smaller space making it harder for the heat generated to get dissipated. Keeping the system cold is necessary for smoother runs, and you need to take all the measures to keep the heat dissipation vents as open as possible. Since the vents are located at the bottom of the laptops it is necessary to keep the laptop in a higher position from the platform with bottom clear enough to let the hot air to flow freely.

Using a laptop stand/cooling platform is a good way to keep your laptop cool. However buying a laptop stand may add to some extra burden to your pocket. So here is a nice DIY video that illustrates how you can make a free laptop stand from a cardboard box lying useless.

While making your cardboard laptop stand, keep the following in mind,

1. The more rigid are the cardboard you are going to use, the stronger will be the base. This is necessary if you are going to type using the laptop keypad.

2. The inclination should be adjusted as per your choice. This again is necessary for comfortable typing.

3. Do not make the inclination too high as the chance of slipping increases too.

Wasn’t that great? I mean what else could be better than using the useless for something useful. Consider it as a freebie. I am really loving mine. Happy Comfy Computing.

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