How to Organize Search Query Data from Google Webmaster Tools in Excel

Google Webmaster Tools top Search Query data Is very Useful to Know the Top performing Keywords for your Site.You can always Export  Your top Queries data from Google Webmaster tools into Excel for further analysis.

Sure you can download your Search Query data from Google webmaster Tools as a CSV File (Comma separated values) but On opening the Data is not Well arranged and it becomes quite difficult to analyze your data and perform Actions.

Here is a More productive way to Work With Your Google Webmaster Tools Search Query data.

1.Open Your Top search Query Data in Google Webmaster Tools and Copy the URL.

Connect webmaster tools with Ms excel2.Open Microsoft Excel ,select data from the Navigation and click on “From Web” in the Top left Corner as shown below.

3.A pop Up window will Open in Excel.Paste the URL that You copied in Step 1.Your Google Webmaster Tools Panel Will open In the Excel Window.Select The tables that you Wish to Import by clicking on the Yellow Arrow on top Of the tables.After that Click import.

4.Next, Select an Entire column In Excel where You wish to Keep the data.It would Be better If you use Different Sheets For different Months.This will Keep your Search data organized.

After the import is complete your imported data will look far More organized ,with each Attribute neatly arranged in Columns.See the Screenshot Below

When the data is Exported do not Change any attribute or Do not Modify the columns.Whenever You Open the Excel Sheet,MS-excel will try to connect with Your Google webmaster Tools reports and Update the data for you Automatically.

See the following Video Demo below :

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