How To Prevent Sharing And Resharing Of Your Google Plus Posts

Google Plus circlesIn Google Plus, the sharing visibility of content is restricted to circles.

A circle is nothing but a personalized group of contacts and friends which you can create within your Google Plus profile. This is quite similar to Facebook friend lists, Google circles can be controlled in a much better way and you can choose whether a post will be visible to all of your circles or specific circles of your choice.

Now whenever you share an update with your friends of a specific circle, they automatically get the ability to reshare your post within any of their Google circles.

Let’s take an example to understand this situation.

How Sharing And Resharing in Google Circles Work

Let’s say you are friends with John, Barry and Tony and have added all of them to a Google Plus circle called “Friends”. Now John is friends with Elton and Tony is friends with Matt but both these people are not present in any of your circles created within Google Plus

Now comes the real fun.

When you create a post or status update in Google Plus and share a post with your “Friends” circle, John and Tony will get the ability to share your post with their friends and circles (e.g Matt and Elton).

This can be annoying because you don’t want your update to be shared with random people. You want to prevent people from resharing posts in Google Plus and take control of your social privacy. You have created a specific circle to share personal updates and you don’t want any of the friends from that circle to share that post with their friends.

Stop Others From Resharing your Posts In Google Plus

To stop resharing of your post in Google Plus, here is a simple trick which you should remember.

Whenever you compose your post and hit the “Share” button, remember to pull down the tiny arrow from the right top of the screen and choose “Disable reshare”

Disable Resharing of Posts in Google Plus
Note that you can disable resharing of posts only after you have shared your update with friends present in one or more circles. When you have selected the “Disable reshare” option, your friends in that specific circle won’t be able to share that post with their circle of friends.

And of course, your friends who are not added to that circle with whom you shared the post won’t be able to see your update in the first place.

This is how sharing and resharing of posts works in Google plus.

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