How to Rename Bluetooth Device in iOS 8/9

iOS is full of features and comes with better performance than other platforms. However, some problems always remain in iOS. For example, you cannot rename any connected Bluetooth devices. No matter what iOS version you use or what iPhone or iPad you use. This is absolutely not possible to rename any Bluetooth device that is connected to your iOS device.

Sometimes, we need to edit a particular device name. For example, you are connected to 10 devices and 3 of them have the same name. Or, you have more than one Bluetooth speakers in your room. No matter what the situation is, you will get confused when you have to send a file to a particular device or play music through a particular speaker over Bluetooth.

You will keep getting problems if you choose the wrong device. There is a chance to send the file to the wrong device. Sometimes, it can be a major problem as well. Therefore, if you want to rename any connected Bluetooth device in iOS 8 or 9, here is a solution.

How to Rename Bluetooth Device in iOS 8/9

Although this is not possible on all iOS devices, people, who have jailbroken iOS device, can easily change the name of any Bluetooth device. There is a Cydia tweak that will let you rename Bluetooth device in iOS 8/9. That means this Cydia tweak is available for iOS 8 and 9. But, as mentioned before, you must have to jailbreak your device in order to use a custom name.

Therefore, jailbreak your device, at first. Following that, install Bluetooth Device Renamer through official Cydia app or download and install it from official Cydia repository aka BigBoss website. This is available at free of cost. This is a tiny yet very useful tweak.

After installing Bluetooth Device Renamer, just open your Bluetooth settings, where you can find all the devices those are connected to your iPhone or iPad. On this page, just tap on the Bluetooth name that you want to edit and hold it to open the preferences tab.

Rename Bluetooth Device in iOS 8-9

Following that, you will get the option to edit the name. You can use any name you wish to have.

After entering a name, you will have to reboot your device. This is mandatory. Otherwise, you won’t get any change.

Final Word

This Cydia tweak is pretty interesting and useful for them, who eagerly want to rename Bluetooth devices in iOS 8/9. But, as it requires the jailbreak, you may have to think. However, if you already have a jailbroken iOS 8/9 device, you can certainly utilize this tweak.

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