How to Run Program with Admin Right from Standard User Account in Windows

Windows is evolving day by day with so many new features. Previously, there used to be only few common features for all editions. However, now you can find a lot of new things in Windows, which is called Windows 10. Windows 10 is full of new features, functions, in-built tools etc. On the other hand, developers are building beautiful app for Windows 10. In other words, Windows 10 is slowly changing the way people compute.

There are many people, who have multiple user account in Windows. No matter, what Windows version you use but you can certainly create more than one user accounts in Windows. Suppose, you and your kid want to use a single PC. At such times, you can simply create a user account for your kid to let him/her use your computer without doing any tricky thing.

Generally, Windows has one admin account and rest of the accounts are standard user account. This is quite safe to own the administrator account and give others the standard account. In this way, you can manage your privacy and PC in a better way. You do not have to go through any problem when someone wants to use a particular app or feature of your computer.

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However, some time, the standard user need to run a program that needs admin rights. In fact, when we use administrator account, we often get the UAC to give the permission to run an app. However, not all the standard users can run apps with administrator rights. Therefore, if you want to run program with admin right from standard user account in Windows, here is a trick.

Run Program with Admin Right from Standard User Account in Windows

This is very simple and not too much time consuming. You can let standard users run program with admin rights without using any third party tool. But, for that, you must have the computer name and your user name those are readily available and should be known to you as you have been using the computer. There is a built-in command in Windows called runas, which will assist you to run any app with admin rights from standard user account of Windows. Therefore, follow the following steps to get things done.

Go to Desktop, right click in any empty place, go to New >> Shortcut. Now, enter the app’s file (.exe) by click the Browse button. However, the whole path should be looking like this,

runas /user:YourComputerName\AdminUsername /savecred “File Path”

In other words, it should be looking like this,

runas /user:Desktop\Ampercent /savecred "C:\program Files\iTunes.exe"

Run app without admin privilege

In the above path, Desktop is the computer name, Ampercent is the username of administrator account and iTunes is going to open.

Now, hit Next and save your shortcut by giving it a proper name. That’s it!

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