How to Set Up Automatic Reply in Windows 10 Mail App

If you are using Windows 10, you may have noticed that you are using a brand new operating system that cannot be compared with any of the previous launched OS by Microsoft. This is because Windows 10 has some really cool features those will not only improve your user experience but also will increase your productivity. On the other hand, you can do different things faster than ever before. This is why Microsoft has included some useful options in almost everything so that users can personalize/set up them as per their wish.

As a result Windows 10 Mail app has got a good enhancement. Previously (in Windows 8/8.1), there was no such options or settings or this Metro app. Nevertheless, the new mail app for Windows 10 comes with some helpful options what can be used to do things quicker and they can increase your capability.

Setup automatic reply in Windows 10 mail app

If you use Gmail or Outlook, you know that both services offer an option called Automatic Reply that sends your pre-written message/mail to either specific users/mail ID or all. For example, you are going to travel without your laptop. If you work for a company, you can loss so many clients if you do not reply to any mail. Obviously, you can use your mobile to check and reply to email but that doesn’t seem good when you are traveling. Alternatively, there may have any reason to setup and use the Auto Reply feature that is generally provided by almost all email service providers.

The same option is available in Windows 10 Mail app as well. No matter whether you use Gmail or Outlook or Yahoo Mail or AOL or anything in Windows 10 Mail app, but you can certainly setup and send automatic reply to your contacts or to all the incoming mails. To set that up, you do not need any other third party software since the option is included in the Mail app itself.

Set Up Automatic Reply in Windows 10 Mail App

To get started, at first, open your Mail app in Windows 10. You can either open it from the Start Menu or use Cortana to find and open it for you. After opening the Mail interface, click on the Settings button that looks like a gear icon.

Windows 10 Mail settings

After that, go to Options.

Scroll down and find out Automatic Replies. By default, it should be Turned OFF. Just click on the Toggle button to turn it ON. After that, write down a small message, which will be sent out to all the email as a reply.

How to Set Up Automatic Reply in Windows 10 Mail App

You can also check the box that says Send replies only to my contacts. This option does what it says.

That’s it! Hope you will get some help using this settings of Windows 10 Mail app.

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