How to Share Your Google Photo Collection with Your Friends

Google Services are awesome ways to connect and share with your beloved ones. Understanding our needs, Google always been changing and coming up with some amazing features and discovering new ways to connect with our near and dear ones. Google had recently separated Google Contacts, Hangouts and Photos and made them standalone services. With some awesome interface and easily understandable UI,one can access them even without Google+ Account. Even though they all got separated now, one Gmail Id is enough to access them all.


Google Photos now became a place to store all our memories at one place. The service is being offered with two storage options.

  • You will get unlimited free storage if you let Google compress your photos or
  • You can upload your HD images as it is and get 15GB of storage

Google Photos creates a personal space for you to upload your photos and Videos. You can access them by logging in into Google Photos site. Since the service got separated from Google+, Photos became personal and your albums cannot be viewed by your friends and family.

To allow your near and dear ones view your photos, you have to share your collection. You can do this in two ways: either you can share the collection via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, or you can generate a shared link for your collection and send that link to your friends via email or as a message. Anyone who has that link can view the album.

To get a shared Link, go to Google Photos, Open menu from top-left side and go to your collections.


Open your collection, you will notice a share icon on top right. If you click that link, Google will generate a shared link of that album and show it to you. You can copy that link and send it to your friends.



You can view the albums you have shared by going via Menu->Shared Links. Here Google Photos will display collections which you’ve shared. You can get a shared link right there and copy again if you want, or You can delete a link. Before deleting, make sure you understand that by deleting the link your collection will no longer be accessible via the link you’ve shared with your friends earlier.


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