How to Stop Email Notifications From Facebook Groups

A few days ago Facebook introduced “Groups” which has received mixed reactions from the public. Some people say that Facebook groups are great for marketing their brand, for asking questions and start a private discussion with selected Facebook friends.

But some people may find Facebook Groups very annoying and distracting. This is because of two reasons :

  • When Unknown people start adding you to Groups where you have no interest
  • You receive dozens of email notification whenever a new member joins a group and starts a new discussion topic or thread.

Here is a simple trick which will let you disable or stop email notifications from Facebook groups:

1. Login to your Facebook account and click “Account Settings”.

Disable Email notifications from Facebook Groups

2. Click the Notifications link and scroll down to find the “Groups” section.

Disable email notifications sent by Facebook groups

Here you will find all the settings and email notifications that are activated for the Facebook groups which you have joined. Here are the settings which you can tweak:

  • Stop email notification when someone joins you to a Facebook group
  • Stop email notifications when someone approves your request to join a Facebook group.
  • Stop email notifications when you are promoted as an administrator or someone from the group changes the privacy setting of the group.
  • Stop email notifications when someone requests to join a Facebook group where you are the administrator.

To disable these notifications, simply uncheck the corresponding checkboxes and it’s done. Now you will not receive an email of Facebook group activity, although these notifications will be active and shown when you log in to your Facebook account.

Change Email Notifications For Specific Facebook Groups

There are some groups which you may like but there are some groups for which you may not want to receive any notification. In such cases, click the link that says “Change Email settings for individual groups”, which will open the following pop up box:

Change EmailNotification Settings For Specific Facebook GroupsTo stop getting further email notifications from a particular Facebook group, uncheck the check box next to a group name and hit the “Save Settings” button. You are done !

Do you find Facebook groups useful ? How do you manage the group notifications? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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  1. If your an admin for a group you created, how do you stop said group from sending emails to everyone?


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