How to Turn a Video into a GIF on iPhone – 4 Cool Apps

GIF animations are all the rage these days, thanks to Instagram that decided to launch GIF into stardom with its Boomerang app. Boomerang is good for 1 second GIFs that can be played on a loop for kicks. But, what happens when you want to turn a video, or part of a video, into a GIF, and you want to do it right on your iPhone itself? In this guide, you will learn how to turn a video into a GIF on iPhone with the help of these 4 cool little apps.

How to turn a video into a GIF on iPhone

Using any one of the below-listed apps will allow you to choose any video of your choice from your iPhone, and turn it into a GIF image. You can then share this piece of work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the world to see, and peacefully obsess over the number of likes and comments you are getting for your hard work.

1. Video to GIF

how to turn a video into a gif

As the name suggests, the Video to GIF app for iPhone will allow you to convert a video or part of your video into a GIF image. Just visit your camera roll and choose your favorite video through the app. If you have the video on iCloud then you can convert them too, however, other cloud storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive are not supported at the moment.

There is a built-in video editor that will allow you to select a part of the video, trim it and then convert it into a GIF. There will be a marker to mark the beginning and end of the video which is being turned into GIF. Another cool feature it supports is the ability to create new videos right inside the app and turn it into GIF. If you want to turn a YouTube video into a GIF, then that is possible too. Just enter the URL of the video and then follow the same process with the marker. You can also accelerate or reduce the frame rate.

Video to GIF comes preloaded with some animation templates that will allow you to create effects like text GIF etc. Once the GIF file is ready, you can save it locally or on cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Drive, and iCloud and share it on all the popular social media platforms.


2. ImgPlay

imgplay - how to make a gif

ImgPlay claims to be a “very simple” way to create GIFs animations using videos, live photos, and burst photos. You can create a GIF by choosing each individual picture or by downloading videos from cloud storage sites like Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. You can add local videos or shoot your own to create GIF out of. ImgPlay also supports iTunes. After you have created your GIF, you can add captions and apply a bunch of filters that the app offers by default.

You can control the speed of the frame which can be increased or decreased between 0.02 to 1 second. Another feature that I really liked about the app is the ability to select the loop count when you are making a video. This will allow you to play the GIF in a loop for a set number of times.

All the major social networking sites are supported so you can share your GIF when it is ready to be showcased.


3. Video to GIF Converter

video to gif converter how to

The description of the app on the AppStore is a little strange in the beginning, but the app is very user-friendly. It is also very simple to use. Open the app and choose the video you want to create a GIF image from. You cannot shoot a new video but need to already have it saved on your camera roll. Select the time frame in the video and the app will turn it into a GIF or choose a set of images and it will be turned into a GIF.

The individual frames of your GIF can be rearranged to create GIFs. Some of the parameters that you can control using the app are loop count, dimension, frame delay, and content mode.

You will be allowed to share the GIF on the most popular and common social media sites from inside the app, but it does not support saving GIFs to cloud storage.


4. GIF Toaster

The last one on the list and also the most basic one. If you are looking to simply create a GIF without all the bells and whistles and extra features, then this is the app for you. Simply select the images or video from which you want to create a GIF and tap start. Your GIF will be ready. Pretty basic.


In my opinion, as all the four apps are free on the AppStore, you are better off with Video to GIF or ImgPlay app as they offer the most features and new ones are consistently being added.

So now you know how to turn a video into a GIF on iphone, tell us which one is your favorite and why in the comments below.

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