HTC Launches HTC RE Camera

The Taiwan giant, HTC, has just launched two new gadgets for the next generation technology users. The first one is, HTC Desire Eye, which is going to be much popular selfie frenetic. On the other hand, the second gadget is HTC RE Camera.

This is a unique camera, which looks like an inhaler. According to some camera maniacs, HTC’s RE camera is the modern version of flip video cameras. This is not actually true though. HTC has implemented many improvements in this camera.

HTC RE Specifications

Today people capture tons of photos everyday right from their mobile. Sometime, they fall in trouble due to low memory and rest of time they capture huge amount of photos. Keeping all these things in mind, HTC has unveiled this great camera for consumers. It is really a unique innovation.

HTC RE Camera Front

You can handle this camera using one hand. This is where it excels because today’s devices are much arduous to handle using one hand. In fact, you cannot capture a great photo using your mobile by one hand. However, HTC RE camera can be managed using only one hand. This is a plus point.

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HTC’s RE is a 16 megapixel camera, which comes with both features i.e. capture photo and record video. You can capture a huge resolution photo as well as record 1080p video using this tiny gadget. The most exciting feature of this camera is you can use 146-degree wide lens. Alike latest mobile cameras, it also contains image stabilization feature. This will let you capture even better images.

HTC RE Camera

This camera has quite good battery. You will get an 820-mAh battery. By making use of this, you would be able to more than 1200 photos and 100 minutes of video recording. Although, internal and external memory information has not unveiled yet but it is confirmed that you can use microSD card to extend the memory.

In this camera, you will get 32MB of ROM and 256MB of RAM that seems enough for a camera. Apart from recording and capturing, it has couple of other options. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microUSB port are included in this gadget.

The most exciting feature of HTC RE camera is it is waterproof. You do not have to use any case to make waterproof. Second exciting feature is you do not have to use any button to start it. It comes with a capacitive sensor that will start this gadget automatically by touching.

You can either use the microUSB port to transfer your captured photos or the official app. If you use the RE camera application on your Android and iOS, you can easily transfer and check your files on mobile.

Considering all the features, this seems a great camera at $199. Hope it can get a huge success.

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