Icecream Password Manager: Best Free Lastpass Alternative

Nowadays, you should always use a strong and unique password in every place including bank account, social media profiles, forum accounts, etc. LastPass and Dashlane are probably the best password managers out there. However, if you do not want to spend money on them to experience premium features and instead you need a simple password manager for Windows, do check out Icecream Password Manager, which is probably the best alternative to LastPass and Dashlane. It comes with some important features those you might need to experience the best out of it. Let’s take a look at the features and workflow of Icecream Password Manager for Windows.

Features of Icecream Password Manager

There are some awesome features included in this tool. However, the following list contains only some of them.

  1. Vault management – if you want to create multiple profiles for multiple users, you can create a vault and secure that with a master password.
  2. Password management – you can manage all your passwords with the help of this password manager.
  3. Category – you can find some categories so that you can categorize all your passwords based on type. For example, you can find logins, credit cards, passports, bank accounts, etc.
  4. Secure note – if you want to password protect some confidential notes, you can do that with the help of this tool.
  5. Access from browser – like LastPass and Dashlane, you can install a browser plugin and access your logins right from the browser. There is no need to leave the browser to copy login credentials.
  6. One-click form filler – if you do not want to choose username and password separately, you can just choose the username and password filed will be filled up automatically.
  7. Dropbox sync – in case you need cloud synchronization, you can head over and install the Dropbox client to store all your data in the cloud. Following that, you can import data from there on another computer.
  8. Import password – if you have been using a different password manager and now want to move to Icecream Password Manager, you can import all your login credentials via a .ipm file. You will get the option while creating a vault.

Talking about the user interface, Icecream password manager has quite same UI as Dashlane. That means you can find all the categories on the very left side. Following that, you can find some login credentials in the middle. The very right side contains all the details based on what you select.

To get started, do download Icecream Password Manager and install it on your machine. It does support Windows 7 and later version. After installation, you can find a window like this-

Icecream Password Manager Best Free Lastpass Alternative

Here you need to enter some required details to create a vault for storing your passwords. After that, you should get a window like this-

Icecream Password Manager Best Free Lastpass Alternative

Now you can enter a new password or make secure notes. To add new password, click the Add Item button > select what you want to add > enter title, login username/email, password, URL, etc. You can also choose whether it would fill in the login credentials automatically or not.

That’s it! Considering all the features of Icecream Password Manager, it seems to be a nice and useful password manager for Windows. As you use a password manager to store all the unique passwords, you can obviously opt for this tool.

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