Important PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Windows Users

Slideshow is still very active in various places. From school, college to the office, you need slideshow presentation almost everywhere. To create a slideshow presentation, you need a powerful tool and what is better than PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the best tool to create a slideshow presentation. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a 5 slides presentation or 50 slides presentation, you can do everything within moments with the help of this handy tool.  However, if you are not familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and you want to use it for a daily basis, you must know these tips and tricks.

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

1] Save in Other Formats

Let’s assume that you need to save your PowerPoint presentation as a video or PDF or something else. There are many online and offline tools those can convert PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file or something else. However, if you want to do it while creating a presentation, you do not have to install any third-party software since Microsoft PowerPoint can do that job with ease. For your information, you can save the file in different formats including XPS, XML, MP4, WMV, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and so on. For that, you need to choose a change the default file extension from the Save as type interface. Your output file will come up with the extension you choose.

2] Customize Preset Designs

Best PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint offers a lot of themes. You can choose anything you want based on your requirements. However, there is another option that allows you to change the present design. For example, you can use a design with different colour combination or different opacity and so on. This functionality is called Format Background that you can find in the Design tab. After clicking this button, you can select a solid colour, gradient fill, picture or texture fill, pattern fill, or even hide the background graphics. Apart from that, you can choose transparency and more other things.

3] Insert Different Slide

Best PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Windows

In PowerPoint, you need to add slides and this is like “page” in Microsoft Word. However, do you know that you can add different types of slides? You can find these on the list:

  • Title Slide
  • Title and Content
  • Section Header
  • Two Content
  • Comparison
  • Title Only
  • Blank
  • Content with Caption
  • Picture with Caption
  • Panoramic Picture with Caption
  • Title and Caption
  • Quote with Caption
  • Name Card
  • 3 Column
  • 3 Picture Column

You can find all these options while adding a slide from the Insert tab. If you click the New Slide option, you can choose anything among the list.

4] Insert Picture from Bing

Best PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Windows-2

A picture says a thousand words. If you follow this rule, you can create a great looking slideshow presentation. In PowerPoint, this is obviously possible to add an image in your slide. However, do you know that you can include right from the Bing search? To do so, you need to utilize the Online Pictures option that you can find the Insert tab. After clicking that, enter a keyword in the Search Bing box. Following that, you can find all the images. Choose anything and click the Insert button. The image will be included in your presentation immediately.

5] Install Add-ins

Best PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Windows

Although Microsoft PowerPoint is a very feature-rich software for creating beautiful presentation, sometimes you might need an add-in to fulfil your demand. Like browsers, you can install add-ins in PowerPoint as well. By installing, you can do various thing faster. From inserting Shutterstock images to get a template, everything is possible with right add-in. Therefore, to get started, open PowerPoint > go to Insert tab > click the Get Add-ins button. Following that, you can choose which one you want to use by clicking the Add button.

6] Insert Video from YouTube

In PowerPoint presentation, you might often need to insert a video. On the other hand, YouTube is a great source of video, where you can find almost any kind of video. From latest mobile’s to song’s, you can find anything on YouTube. Therefore, if you want to insert a YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation, you can follow these steps. At first, choose a slide, where you want to add the video and go to Insert tab. After that, click the Video button and choose Online Video. Here you will get the YouTube option. Do search for the video by entering a keyword. Therefore, select one video thumbnail and click the Insert button.

7] Share Presentation Online

Best PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Windows

Let’s assume that you have created a presentation and you want to share it with some people, who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint and you need to do it quickly. Obviously, you can convert the presentation into a MP4 file and send it to them, but it would consume a lot of time and bandwidth. Therefore, you can share a link of your presentation and people can see that in the browser. It doesn’t matter what browser they are using, you can certainly see your presentation without any problem. This option is called Office Presentation Service. You can find this option in the Slide Show tab under Present Online option. While using this option, you will have to click the CONNECT button and you will end up getting a link that you can send to anyone. Right after opening the link, your recipient will start seeing your presentation.

That’s all! These are some of the useful tips or tricks of Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use to get more out of this software.

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