Why Writing Daily Might Not Improve Your Writing Skills

If you are a blogger, journalist, freelancer or an online copywriter you have to write a lot. You have to write those long pieces, blog posts, pen down ideas and craft articles on a daily basis. Or at least, twice a week !

That’s the common perception among bloggers – write often, write everyday. Overtime, your writing skills will improve with the volume of articles you have written during the course of 2 or three years.

James, who writes the very informative MenwithPens blog says that writing daily won’t necessarily improve your writing skills. An excerpt from the article:

If all you’re doing is writing, you’re only producing volume. You’re repeating behaviour – but you’re not improving. The act of repeating behaviour makes you more experienced and faster and eventually that behaviour becomes second nature. But it doesn’t make you better at writing. You ingrain bad habits that take a long time to break.

What James suggests is that if you write daily and do not learn the mistakes of your writing, the volume doesn’t matter. You have to read articles written by profound writers and master the techniques. Then you have to apply the techniques to your own blog posts.

Just sitting down every evening and writing a couple of blog posts won’t help if you are not willing to learn the techniques of better copywriting. If you are writing just for the sake of putting down 450 words as fast as possible, hitting the publish button half a dozen times a day and thinking that you are evolving as a better writer – you are wrong. You are practicing “how fast I can write” and not “How good I can write”

But Wait ! My Writing has Improved Since I started this blog 3 years ago !

Your writing skills improved because along the course of three years, you observed others and learned the techniques of better writing. You read good blogs, online journals, news websites and applied the styles to your own writing. Your writing didn’t improved just because you write 2000 blog posts in 3 years !

Personal suggestion: If you want to improve your article writing skills, I highly recommend adding Dailywritingtips and Copyblogger to your reading list.

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