Improve Your Site’s Overall Loading Time By Loading Images on Demand

The loading time of your website is very important for two reasons. First, web users have a very short attention span and if your site takes a long time to load – visitors might close the browser tab and go to other sources.

Second, the search engines now consider page loading time as one of the factors for ranking. Hence if two webpages have similar content and one of them loads way faster than the other – chances are that the faster page will rank higher on search results.

If you use a lot of images or screenshots in your blog posts, you might have noticed that the images take a long time to load. Either the images have high file size or there are a good number of images called from the same page, thus reducing your page’s loading time to a great extent.

To combat this issue, you can install a simple WordPress plugin called Lazyloader which will load the images on demand. What this means is that only those images will load which appears in the browser’s visible view port area. Images that are not present in the visible portion of the webpage won’t be loaded until the user scrolls pass them.

You can activate the feature on all pages across your site or choose to activate it on specific pages, archive or category pages.

lazy Loader Options

This is very useful for blogs who use a lot of thumbnails, Gravatars and icons in their blog template. After the plugin is installed, the browser will not download all the images at once at the client computer. Instead, it will continue rendering the rest of your page’s source on the client side, loading the images only when the user scrolls down the page. This will make fewer http requests, hence improving your site’s relative loading time to a great extent.

I have implemented the plugin on this blog and the results have been quite satisfactory. What’s your take on this? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Tip: Improve your site’s loading time using CSS absolute positioning.


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