Get Upto 9GB Additional Storage Space For Your DropBox and ZumoDrive Account

DropBox is indeed the best cloud storage and syncing service that is available online these days. Signing up for a DropBox account will give you 2GB space instantly and the best thing about this is that it is free. No matter how you use this amazing storage service, you will definitely after sometime find yourself running short of storage space. So if you don’t want to upgrade to a paid version of the service then there are some ways that can enable you to earn more free space and file storage capability free of cost.

Majority of the other cloud storage services offer their users a referral system if they want to get more space for their account. But DropBox goes one step ahead and give its users certain tasks that can earn them more free space upto 9 GB extra on their account.

How to Get the extra Storage

All you have to do is follow the guidelines outlined below and you will be able to get hold off an extra 8.75 GB. Moreover, this 8 plus GBs can be doubled to almost 16.75 GB if you are a student and possessing .edu email address. So here are the simple methods to earn additional space:

1. Tasks Completion on Get Started Tab

First of all, to earn 250 MB of extra space, just complete the tasks that are listed on Get Started tab of the service. These are very simple tasks that you will have to do eventually while using DropBox.

2. Referrals

Another simple and easy way of getting extra space is to dish out referrals to your friends and family. Following this procedure will give you and your friends an additional space of almost 250 MB. Moreover all those having .edu email address can earn 500 MB using the above mentioned method, you can tag 32 friends earning 8 GB of storage in total using this method.

3. DropBox account Connection with Facebook & Twitter

Connect your DropBox account with Facebook and Twitter and you can earn a total of 512 MB of extra storage space. This total 512 MB is obtained step-by-step, that is connection with Twitter will give you 128 MB while linking with Facebook will give you another 128 MB.

Getting Extra Storage on ZumoDrive

Another very popular cloud storage service, ZumoDrive, gives you only 1GB of storage for a free of cost account. But if you want to grab some more space then you have to follow the referrals method to earn more. Each time you send a referral to a friend, 256 MB will be added to your total space and you can earn a total of 5GB using this referrals scheme.

Well if you happen to know about any other tip that might give you extra space on DropBox or ZumoDrive then do let us know in the comments.

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