How to Insert Dropbox Files into Gmail Directly

Dropbox is probably the best cloud storage provider with maximum security layers. Although, there are plenty of cloud storage providers to opt for, yet, a major portion of people often go for Dropbox instead of any other services.

On the other hand, as Dropbox app is available for various platforms including Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android etc. you can use this cloud storage from anywhere you want. This is one plus point. At the same time, Gmail is the best email provider by Google. There are several other email service providers including Yahoo, AOL, Outlook but most of the folks choose Gmail over any other because of simplicity and awesome support along with performance.

In initial days, there was no option to insert into and send large files through Gmail. However, now, users can easily send large files via Gmail with the help of Google Drive. Now, Google Drive is yet another popular cloud storage by Google itself. You can easily insert any file from Google Drive into your Gmail messages and the recipient will be able to view and download it right away.

As of now, this is the best solution for them, who need to send large files. However, what if someone needs to send any file that is currently stored in Dropbox? It will create a problematic job to find the corresponding link of that specific file, make it public and then send the link to your recipient. The whole process was executing like this.

But, now, this scenario is going to change. Dropbox has launched their official browser add-on to insert Dropbox files into Gmail directly. As of now, the official Dropbox browser add-on is available for Google Chrome. With the help of this browser extension, you can easily insert any file from Dropbox into Gmail without leaving the Gmail user interface.

How to use Dropbox extension to insert files into Gmail?

At first, download the official Dropbox extension and add it to your Google Chrome web browser. If you have opened Gmail before installing this extension, you may have to refresh or reload your current page. After reloading, you will get a welcome screen that looks something like the following picture,


Later on, an additional icon (Dropbox icon) will be located next to Google Drive icon. To insert file, just click on the icon,


After that, you will have to authorize your Dropbox account with correct credential. Just after that, you can find your Dropbox files on your screen,


Just select a file and click on Insert link. That’s it! Now, you can find the file in your Gmail message. Later on, you can send that to anybody you want.


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