How to Insert Text in a Video Using Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Windows Movie Maker is a great tool to insert text in your videos.This is very useful if you want to put a trademark to all your videos before uploading them to video sharing sites like Youtube,metacafe etc.You can also add slides as well as pictures in your video file to bring some added effect.

To insert text in your videos follow these simple steps :

1. Open Windows Movie Maker from the Start Menu.

2. Drag and drop the video clip in to the Timeline.


3. Go to “Tools” and then select “Title and Credits”. After that, select “add title on the selected clip on the timeline “.

4. Enter the appropriate title and text that you want to show in your video. After that, click done.

5. Next, drag and drop the video clip into the video timeline. See the Screenshot below.


ScreenHunter_06 Jul. 20 00.28

6. Note the length of your movie clip. If you want the Title and text to be present from the begining of the clip to the end, adjust the “Title Overlay Settings”. Just drag the Title Overlay Ruler up to the end of the video clip.

7. Now you can also add other animated effects and also texts before and after the video clip.To do this repeat steps 3 to 5.

8. To make the title go just below the video, double click in the “Title Overlay” pane and click “Change the title animation”. Select the animation that you like.

You can also increase the text and align placement of your text. For best results make the following settings:

Font: Arial,

Font size :Lowest,

Transparency :0%

Text align: Right.


For Best Results change the Title animation to “Subtitle : Subtitle at bottom(Overlay)”.

9. When you have finished adding titles and credits, save the video clip (Press Ctrl P to save).

Note:You can also add your pictures and powerpoint slides in Windows Movie maker. Just drag and drop your slides, pics and adjust the time overlay settings.

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Application: It’s a great way to promote your blog or website by putting a little signature in your videos.If you make really interesting videos,add your signature to them and upload them to video sharing sites like Youtube. It  helps in personal branding and acts as content copyright.



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