Inserting or Adding Inline Images in the Body of Yahoo Email

Yahoo has been rolling out useful features for Yahoo mail users in the US on a trial basis. In comparison to Gmail, Yahoo mail has seen less new features being embedded. In fact, Yahoo mail has often relied on the simplistic design and usage despite numerous requests from users to get more features onboard. One of the most popular requests from Yahoo mail users has been to allow inserting images within your Yahoo email body i.e. adding inline images in the body of Yahoo mail. Yahoo has finally released this “inline image insertion” feature to the Yahoo mail users in United States of America.

Yahoo Mail

If you are a Gmail user, you would have already used this feature of adding images within the text body of your email. In fact, Google Labs rolled out this feature for Gmail users several years back. Though a bit late in the day, Yahoo email users now have a good reason to smile. In this article, we shall check out tips to add inline images to a Yahoo email or tips to paste an image in the Yahoo mail body.

How to add inline images to your Yahoo mail?

Once you log-in to your Yahoo mail account, you need to start composing an email.

Yahoo Mail Compose

Within this body of your message, you can now simply drag and drop any images of your choice that may be stored on your computer / laptop / tablet. Thus, you are able to put inline images inside any Yahoo email. In fact, you get option to select between two different sizes while inserting images into the Yahoo message body. This solves the purpose of optimized image viewing across different devices as well as different browsers.

Alternatively, you can also copy an image of your liking to your clipboard and simply paste it within the email body. How simple is that? After the image is inserted or copy-pasted in the mail body, you can click on it to expand the image or shrink the image as per your liking. Also, you will be thrilled to know that this feature allows addition of animated GIF images to Yahoo mail.

Yahoo Mail EStationery

This “inline image addition” feature has been a much-awaited one for several Yahoo email users. It is encouraging to see that Yahoo has atleast made this facility available in US and users in other countries can expect this feature to be available for them in near future. A believer of visually rich emails, Yahoo has now started dishing out useful features like E-stationery, Link Preview, News Summaries, etc. for Yahoo mail.

With this latest provision of adding inline pictures in Yahoo mail, they are definitely making the right kind of noise. What is your opinion about this new Yahoo mail feature? If you are from US, please share your experience of using this amazing feature for adding photos inside your mail body.

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  1. Peggy Guy says:

    Help!!!!!! I did as instructed on inserting images into my email. However, no one got the images ……only a box with “inline image” printed in it!! I spent hours looking for the pictures I needed and now they are gone! Please help me.

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