Analyse And Choose the Best WIFI Network Available With inSSIDer

With the availability of WiFi internet on the rise, it is very much common that you come across a situation where a multitude of WiFi Networks are available in a public place. So if you come across this kind of a situation then probability is that you will grab the first network out of a particular list.

inSSIDer User interface

Now the common problem is that sometimes the signal strength of a particular network looks good but the quality factor gets overshadowed. So you end up searching for more networks and checking them till the time you get hold of a good one that actually works.

Although there are a good number of WiFi Network analyzing tools that are available on the internet but recently I came across an amazing WiFi network analyzing tool that really makes the WiFi hotspot search seamlessly easy. inSSIDer v 2.0 is a tool that facilitates your search for a strong WiFi network amongst multitude of available networks.

Analyzing Networks with inSSIDer

inSSIDer provides users with a very clear status of every WiFi network that is present within the specified range. This particular tool provides detailed information about all the available networks and the best thing about it is that it goes good with your normal WiFi adapter and no special hardware is required for it.

Details Provided by inSSIDer

Here is the list of information that this amazing tool provides to its users:

  • The network name of any particular router
  • MAC address of the WiFi hotspot
  • Channel
  • Signal Strength
  • Privacy Settings
  • The information about the router manufacturer
  • GPS coordinates of any router if a GPS unit is configured with your PC.Real time Strength Check

Although there are various kind of Wi-Fi analysis tools that offer users to view real-time signal strength over any specific period of time but the one that inSSIDer provides is pretty accurate according to the standards. The Wi-Fi channels can be superimposed over one another to gauge the relative strength of a particular network.

Another cool feature of inSSIDer is its ability to filter out any WiFi device out of many, filtering options include vendor, security type and various other parameters. inSSIDer also give users some preset filters under the option “Quick Filters” which is a faster approach to shift through various networks. You can also switch to a dedicated “mini-mode” where users can combine Tabs into a very quick access thing.

So on the whole inSSIDer is an easier way of mapping out multiple Wi-Fi networks out of an array of access points. Plus enabling GPS mode in inSSIDer let the software completes all the different kind of mappings giving a positive result everytime.

Download inSSIDer.

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