How to Install and Run Software from Cloud

Installing a software on Windows or MAC is not a big deal. Everyone can do it easily. But, this trick is a bit different as today I am going to show you how to install and run software from cloud storage.

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There are generally two types of software. One type of software requires installation and second type of software does not need any installation. Those are called portable software. You can carry them anywhere and use them without installation. This is very easy and very time saving method to use any software. On the other hand, you can simply create a portable version of any Windows software.

What, if I say this is also possible to install any software in the cloud storage? Well, this article is all about that particular trick. Usually, we install software on the hard drive (C Drive or System Drive). However, this trick will help you to install your favorite software in a selected cloud storage. After installing, you can easily use it in your browser.

The advantage of installing software in the cloud storage is you do not have to carry anything if you switch from old PC to a new PC.

How to install and run software from cloud storage?

Actually, more than hundred useful software is already installed in the cloud storage what we are going to use today. Just head over to the official Cameyo website, which helps users to create portable version software. You can use publicly installed software without having any Cameyo account. The above link will display all types of software.

However, you can also find your favorite software as per your wish. For instance, this is possible to check Browser, Media, Communication, Security etc. software according to categories. To find them out, just expand the App Library button from your left hand side and select one specific category.


You will get most of the regularly used software such as VirtualBox, Adobe Reader, VLC, Skype, Spotify, Firefox, KM Player, Picasa, Opera Mini, Camtasia Studio, WinRAR, 7Zip, Google Chrome, OpenOffice, Malwarebytes, FormatFactory, Google Earth, Audacity, Team Viewer, GOM Player and many more.


If your favorite software is not available in the list that is given by Cameyo, you can install that easily. To do so, you must have an account. If you really need to add more apps, just create a free account. After that, go to Add App section. Then, select Create a new Cameyo package (from software installer). Therefore, you need to select the URL of that software (Max. Size = 120MB) or you can upload any app (Max. Size = 30MB) from your PC.


Then, you can select wither Cameyo storage or connect and use Dropbox as your installation drive. Do whatever you want and hit the Submit button. Before submitting, you can also choose either 32-Bit or 64-Bit.

That’s all! It will take little time to upload and install the app in your account. After installing, you can use your software in My Apps section.

Editor’s Note

Although, it can deal with most of the software you need, but I would not recommend it to use any software if you need a great stability. On the other hand, it will lose all the data if you will have an internet connection issue.

Otherwise, this is good.

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