How to Install Firefox Add-ons Manually

Firefox is a popular web browser among them, who want more stability and security features on the go. Although, Chrome is another browser for speedy people, Firefox is popular, who want those aforementioned things in one browser. Only the browser is really good and it is being used in more than a million computers and mobiles.

If you want to get more out the Mozilla Firefox, you can start installing Firefox add-ons, which will spruce up your experience within moments. There are thousands of add-ons available on the Firefox add-on gallery. You can either use that store or you can head over to any other third party store which is safe and secure to use.

General Method to Install Firefox Add-ons

This is however very easy. Alike Google Chrome, you will not have to do anything big to install any add-on. You just need to open an add-on page from the Firefox add-ons gallery and hit the Add to Firefox button to start the installation. Within moments, you will get another popup window to allow the add-on to be installed on your Firefox browser. That’s it.

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But, what if an add-on is not listed on Firefox add-on gallery? What if you are making an add-on and that still under development? What if you have got some raw files of some Firefox add-ons but they are not in the store?

This is when you can use the manual method. If you have the raw file of any Firefox add-on, you can also install it like Google Chrome. The most interesting thing is this is very easy and you do not have to install any third party add-on to get that.

Install Firefox Add-ons Manually

This is another easy task, which will let you install Firefox add-ons manually. However, you need the .XPI file. XPI extension is the Firefox add-on’s raw file extension. After writing the code, you will need to save it as a .xpi file to get it uploaded to Firefox add-on gallery. From the other side, you can download the .xpi file from Firefox add-on store. On the other hand, if you have downloaded some add-ons from other websites, you can easily install that using this manual method.

For that, open the Add-ons management window of Firefox (about: addons). You can click on menu >> Add-ons.

Then, you will get a settings button. Click on that and select Install add-on from file.

How to Install Firefox Add-ons Manually

Then, select the downloaded .xpi file and hit the Install button. That’s it! Your add-on will be installed automatically.

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