How to Install and Run Android Apps On Any PC With Chrome

Android apps are very popular. People love to play favorite android apps on PC. Using Bluestack emulator one can install any Android app on PC. “How to run WhatsApp on PC” was discussed earlier (similar topic). But emulators can make your PC slower. So, in order to install and run any android application on Windows, Mac or Linux PC, we can use Google Chrome very safely. As Chrome is available for each platform, so, you can run android apps in any Os if you follow this guide about “How to run android apps on Chrome”.

In last September, Google has announced a set of Android Apps for Chromebook. But those application is not compatible with Windows OS. So without waiting for Google’s official release, we, here, discuss a method in order to install and run Android Apps on any major platform.

android on pc

Run Android Apps in Chrome on Windows/Linux/Mac Platform

Before discussing main topic let me clarify few things. Not every app will work on this method as this procedure is still in beta mode. No messaging application will work, and you will have no access on Google Play Service.

1. Add Archon Runtime Extension to Chrome

At first, launch chrome browser and check its version. Just type chrome://chrome to address bar of Google Chrome. It will show the chrome version installed on your PC.

Download ‘ARChon Custom Runtime’ extension from this link.

After downloading, extract it to a separate folder.

Now, go to chrome://extensions page and tick ‘Developer Mode’ option on top right corner. Then click on ‘Load unpacked extension’ right there.

Select the folder where the downloaded zip was extracted.

archon custom runtime

Click ‘Ok’. Make sure ‘Enabled’ option is checked when the package is loaded up within Chrome.

2. Use ARChon Packager to create Apps from Apk

Install ARChon Packager on your Android device from this link.

Once the app is installed, tap on ‘Next’ option.

On the next screen select ‘Installed application’ option and click ‘Next’.

From the pop-up menu, select an app installed on your device. Special apk package for this application will be created then.

Select the mode of the application from the next screen. Choose ‘Finish’ button. That’s all.

Now connect your android device to PC with a usb cable.

Copy the converted apk file in your system.

Extract the converted apk file anywhere to your PC.

Again open chrome extension page and choose ‘load unpacked extension’.

Select the folder and press Ok.


Now, go to chrome extension page and select ‘launch’ option to run any android apps.

Final Words:

This is a great way to run any android application to a desktop. And for this, no emulator is needed. But, this method is unofficial and still is under development. Some applications might not work properly. We hope that you can run any android apps on your desktop in near future.

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