How to Install Unverified Add-on in Firefox

People, who are security concerned, always use Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome or any other browser. There is a lot of comparison between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, when you have low data connection, Chrome is there for you and when you have an average or god data connection, Firefox is open for you. This is very simple to opt for one of them. However, when it comes to security, Firefox always tops the race as it comes with some awesome security features. The best part is a user can customize the browser according to the need.

Alike other standard web browsers like Chrome, you can find a lot of add-ons in the Firefox add-on repository. Generally, you can almost all types of add-ons for your Firefox browser. However, there are many websites which provide add-ons for Firefox. At the same time, some web services like Readability offers an add-on but they do not have that in the repository.

Whenever, you will try to install an add-on that is not in the Firefox add-on gallery, you will get a security notification like this,

Firefox has prevented this site from installing an unverified add-on

It will show Firefox has prevented this site from installing an unverified add-on. This is because of security and it will not allow you to install that particular add-on on your browser. Therefore, if you are confirmed that the add-on is safe and you must have to install it in your browser, here is a trick to install unverified add-on in Firefox without using any third party app or software or add-on.

Install Unverified Add-on in Firefox

This is very easy. As, Firefox blocks it because of security reasons, you just have to bypass the security warning so that it can install it on behalf of you. Firefox has a complete panel to make various changes. It helps users to do something that is generally blocked by default. Obviously, you must know what you are doing. Otherwise, your browser may not work properly after making wrong changes.

Anyway, at first enter about:config in your browser and hit the enter button. You can find a security warning that will come up with a text – This might void your warranty. You have to make the change. Therefore, click on I-ll be careful, I promise! Button.

Here, you will get all the options to customize Firefox according to your wish. Just search for xpinstall.signatures.required. This is case sensitive. Do not make any change in between that text.

Allow unverified add-ons in Firefox

By default, it should be set to True. Just double click on this to set it False.

How to install unverified add-on in Firefox

Following that, you can get the Install button while installing an unverified add-on in Firefox.

Hope this tiny trick would be helpful for you.

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