How to Find Additional Hidden Themes in Windows 7

What makes Windows 7 different from Windows Vista or Windows XP?

You said it – it’s the themes and personalization feature of Windows7 which makes it one the best user interfaces Windows has ever built. A standard Windows7 installation consists of 5 hidden themes in Windows 7, which can be unlocked with a simple trick.

But before you go ahead and find hidden themes in Windows7, remember that the themes which will be unlocked using this trick depends upon which language and country you have chosen during Windows Installation. When you install a fresh copy of Windows7, you are prompted to choose a language, country and a keyboard input method as shown in the following image:

Install screen of Windows7

Depending upon the country you choose, Windows7 shows you themes which will be available by default. But this brief tutorial shows you how to access those hidden themes stored on your operating system drive.

1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT directory. Please note that the MCT directory is hidden by default and enabling the setting for showing hidden folders won’t reveal the folder’s appearance. The best way to open this directory is to copy the address from this page and paste it on the address bar of Windows Explorer.

2. If your copy of Windows7 is installed on a drive other than the C drive, it’s obvious that you should open the corresponding MCT folder of Windows 7. For example: If Windows 7 is installed on E drive, you should open E:\Windows\Globalization\MCT folder.

3. Hit the return key and Voila !

4. You will be shown 5 MCT directories which are nothing but the folders of Windows 7 hidden themes.



MCT folder is hidden

5. To use a theme, open the theme sub directory and double click the .theme file. This will add the theme in the “Personalize” option and then you can start using the specific hidden theme of Windows 7.

You might also like to check out 4 official themes for Windows 7, all released by Microsoft. Additional themes and downloads are available at the Microsoft’s Windows7 personalization gallery

Another quick way to unlock hidden themes in Windows7 is to do a simple search for the theme name. First open \Windows\Winsxs Directory and search for *.theme. Double click any of the search results, and the theme is added to the personalize menu.


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