Intelligent Software and New Technologies: A Cool Collaboration

The great thing about technology is that it simply doesn’t stop evolving, and recently, because it evolves at such rapid pace, we even stopped trying to keep up. You have to admit that saying things such as “I wonder if they will ever invent something like this?”, turned into “I wonder how long it will take them to invent this?” . Yes, it is not a matter of “will they” anymore, but “When will they”.

The invention of the Smart Technology, just rushed the things up, and nowadays, you can basically connect your phone with literally anything, and either check the status, or take control of the gadget or home appliance, or heck, even the entire home.

Here is a list of some great examples where intelligent software and new technologies made one hell of a combination. Enjoy!

DJI Phantom 3

Since we are talking about new tech, it just so logical to start out with the current most popular smart gadgets, the drones, more precisely, Android controlled drones.

When it comes to drones (the right term is actually Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV), even if you are not so familiar with this topic, you have definitely heard the name DJI Phantom, right?

Now, why are we talking about the 3rd series and not the 4th? Well, let’s just say that the Phantom 3 series is much smarter than the 2nd series, lacks just a few features of the latest 4th series,and what is most important, it is nearly half the price of the Phantom 4!
The Phantom 3 became extremely famous (and still is) because it offers beautiful aerial images and videos, which you can create by controlling the drone with your Smartphone. Okay, it does have a controller, but you can basically still do everything just with your phone.

For example, if you use the DJI Pilot app, you can tap the screen to take off, to make the drone follow the route you create by clicking on the screen’s map, choose the intelligent flying and filming modes, see what your drone sees in real time, and land the drone by hitting the Land icon on your screen.

So, basically, you don’t need to be an experienced drone pilot to be able to fly this bird and make stunning footage, all you have to do is have a Smartphone, and get familiar with all the features the DJI app offers.

Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket by Google and Levi’s

Remember Marty McFly’s smart jacket from the future? Well, it pretty much exists now. Google and Levi’s have teamed up to create the Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket. This, we have to admit, pretty sexy garment, is what we consider to be the Jacket of the future.

The Denim jacket comes with a stylish design, the legendary Levi’s logo, and smart technology from Google. In the left sleeve of the jacket, in the forearm area, there is a built-in module that get’s your smartphone synchronized with the jacket. However, the sleeve is not made from just a regular Denim material, but from conductive threads that are woven into the fabric as well, so that you can simply “brush” your sleeve during the ride, and get directions, make calls, take calls, or control your music player.

The jacket will stay “powered” for 2 weeks before it needs to be recharged, and when you want to wash it, all the electronic parts can be removed. Pretty smart and convenient, isn’t it?

YoloBox Live-Streaming Device

Who says that live streaming high-quality footage is only reserved for high-budget TV stations? With the YoloBox Device, you can now directly stream footage from your DSLR camera, or your Smartphone. All you have to do is connect your camera with the USB cable, or if you have an action cam with Wi-Fi, and you can instantly live-stream what’s going on in front of the lens.

Besides streaming, this device also records all your footage and saves it on a cloud, so that you don’t even need to pile up footage on your memory cards anymore. It uses Wi-Fi, 4G to connect to the internet, and is capable of streaming up to 1080p image resolution. So, no 4K for now, but it will probably become available soon.

But, all in all, isn’t Full HD live-transmission of your adventures, games, or whatever you want to share live with your family and friends more than enough? Oh, not to forget, this device can also be paired up with camera drones so that your live streaming gets a completely new dimension! Say hello to a new era of Facebook Live!

Bluesmart S2 Passport Pouch

Aren’t you always worried that, when on vacation in a foreign country, you will somehow lose your passport while out on the beach or exploring the new cities? That would definitely turn an ideal vacation into a nightmare.
This doesn’t have to be a worrying thing anymore because the Bluesmart S2 Passport Pouch is here. Beside its stylish design, this extremely useful pouch offers protection to your passports (up to 2 of them). It implements a location tracking device so that you can be aware of your passport location at any given moment. Once you connect the pouch with your Smartphone, it will instantly alert the phone in the form of a notification, that your passports are too far away from you.

Furthermore, the pouch is waterproof so that even if you forget it somewhere and the rain starts falling, the passports will stay dry and safe. Also, the RFID technology is implemented, which means that your data is protected, for 90 days, until you need to recharge the pouch itself.

Celestron Powerseaker 70EQ Telescope

Now it the astronomy lovers turn to drool over the latest gadget from this field. Telescopes have been present for a long time now, but until a few years ago, the average astronomer was only able to look at the stars and simply memorize the beautiful sites seen through the lens, without having the ability to somehow record all that (if you work for NASA, you don’t count).

However, the times have changed, and now, you can connect your Smartphone with the telescope, and not only that you can use the phone’s screen as a display so that your entire family can see the wonders of the cosmos, but if you choose the best telescope with camera the market has to offer, you can also record events, and even make breathtaking images.

For example, the Celestron Powerseaker 70EQ, allows you to record everything or take images, but it also offers an app that will identify the stars and constellations, so that you know what you are looking at. Pretty useful, isn’t it? All you need now is the clear skies.

EyeQ Immersive Smart Capture Binoculars

Since we are on the topic of distant viewing and recording, we can’t but not mention this cool new gadget that takes game watching to a completely new level. The EyeQ smart binoculars use your phone as a set of “eyes”, so that it can bring the game or a concert closer to you if you have the infamous “nose bleeding” seats.

Not only that you will use your phone as a binocular, but you will also be able to record the moments as you view them. The talk about the game you have seen, will be on a completely new level. For example, if someone asks you if you’ve seen that amazing pass in the 4th minute of the 3rd quarter, you can say “Not only that I’ve been there and seen it, but I have it on video as well”.

The gadget itself supports Smartphones of basically all sizes, and it allows you to zoom in up to 16 times. It also has a touch control panel on the top, which you can use to zoom in or out, and to start recording, take photos, or stop recording. And, the device comes with image stabilization system so your videos will not be shaky.

It is also water resistant and the battery lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use, so you don’t have to worry it will last shorter than your Smartphone.

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