An Interview With Arpit Kumar from Techraga

Arpit Kumar

Arpit Kumar

ArpitNext is the online Identity of ArpitKumar,a student of Electronic Engineering(3rd year) and a blogger by passion.Arpit lives in Ghaziabad a city close to New Delhi (the capital of India).

Arpit loves exploring new things.His basic interests include Web Administration,reading Blogs,Surfing Web,reading books, Visiting Places etc.Arpit Blogs at Techraga.

Amit :How long have you been blogging?

Arpit : More than one & a half year. But, it was just a “I-My-Me” type blog till this April. I am in serious blogging since last seven months.

Amit : How many blogs do you have or write for currently ?

Arpit : I have just one blog…. but I have written for many blogs as guest blogger.

Amit : How many hours do you dedicate to them every day? Are you a full time blogger?

Arpit : Nope! I am not a Full time blogger. I work 3 to 4 hours daily online.This duration includes all the online activities. So, don’t have fixed dedicated hours for blogging.

Amit : Three Bloggers whom you admire the most ?

Arpit :
* Gina Tripani ( Lifehacker)
* Abhijeet Mukherjee (Jeetblog)
* Amit Agarwal ( Digital Inspiration)

Amit : If you could read only one blog, which one would you pick?

Arpit : LifeHacker : Its ultimate!

Amit : How many RSS feeds do you track daily?

Arpit :400+ feeds. Its too hard to track all of them on daily basis. So, I have created many “watches” in my default feedreader – FeedDemon.

Amit : What do you like about blogging?

Arpit :Blogging is a tool to express and share your views on particular topics. I love the democracy of Blogosphere, where we are free to write our mind.

Amit : What you do not like about blogging?

Arpit : I can’t find anything :)

Amit : What would you suggest for a blogger, who have just started his blog ?

Arpit :* Discover new things and write on them, rather than copying/stealing matters from other blogs, without giving them proper credits.

* Have Patience. You can’t get popularity or big reader-base in few weeks, untill you are Amitabh Bachchan. So, keep on blogging and don’t get dissapointed too early.

* Be first to write on a topic.

* Use WordPress. It needs a little invesment, but if you are serious and want to take blogging as a fulltime job, then can’t help you anymore. Presently, I am on Blogger, but will switch to WP very soon.

Amit :Has Blogging changed your life or personality in any way ?

Arpit :Yes! Blogging has changed me completely. I have got introduced to many things and technologies. I have got some new friends, who are much professional than me. I have learnt a lot from them. I can say that blogging is a learning tool for me. By each post, I learn something new and hence, it helps me in becoming a better techprofessional.

As a blogger, I feel a more dedicated and resposible netizen.

Amit :Where do you see Techraga in a Couple of years ?

Arpit :I want to switch to WordPress as soon as possible. I want to develope as a fulltime blogger. Plus, I want to make TechRaga a complete Tech Blog, with nice readers base and with some team bloggers.

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