How to Invite Friends to an Event via Google Calendar

Google is known as web giant and Google Calendar is indeed a great product for every busy professional. Not only busy folks but also everyone can use it to increase productivity. You know that Android is a popular platform and you can get official Google Calendar app for Android. It will help you to schedule important meetings, events and everything else and get notification for everything.

How to Invite Friends to an Event via Google Calendar

The latest update of Google Calendar has brought several new things including a brand new visual design. Now, you can get Material UI in the web version as well as Android version of Google Calendar.

In this digital era, most of the people use various tricks to do everything. For instance, now you can invite your friends, colleagues, family members to an event or party or anywhere by making use of Google Calendar. You do not have to send an invitation card for birthday party, call or send SMS to your friends for a football match.

Google Calendar can help you to send the invitation to you lovable people on behalf of you. Obviously, it requires some settings and editing. But, the overall procedure is much faster and all you need to know the Gmail ID of your friends to invite them.

Advantage of using Google Calendar to Invite People

There are several benefits of using Google Calendar instead of traditional methods. First, you can save a lot of time. Second, you can save your call and SMS charge since internet is already in your PC. Third, you would be confirmed whether someone is coming to the event or not. Fourth, you do not have to go outside to purchase invitation card. You can send invitation from being home. There are also some other advantages of using Google Calendar to invite people.

How to invite anyone to an event via Google Calendar?

All the things need a simple settings.

Step 1: Open Google Calendar website and sign in with your Google credential.

Step 2:  Select the event date and create an event in Google Calendar.


Write down every important information such as event name, time, date, venue, about the event and all the other things.

Step 3: Now, here is the actual step to invite friends or anyone. You can find an option called Add guests in your right side of your screen.


Just write down the email address of your friend or anyone and click the Add button. You can also allow your guests to invite others or modify the event.

Step 4: Then, you can find a popup that you will have to confirm.


That’s all! Your friend has been invited. Now, your friend will receive an email, which contain three options such as YES, MAYBE and NO.

Bottom Line

Using of Google Calendar to invite friends, relatives or team mates to an event is really very easy and not much time-consuming. Hope you will like it.

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