Full Specifications of Apple iPad Air 2

You are currently watching the Apple event or have watched the Apple event, you have seen that a brand new iPad Air called iPad Air 2 is just launched by Apple. This is going to be one of the best iPad for this next generation technology lovers. Not only iPad Air 2 but also Apple has launched plenty of other things like OS X Yosemite etc. has launched at this event.

Whenever, we heard about a new gadget’s announcements, the first question knocks our mind, what is new in this device? Isn’t it?

If you are asking this question someone or searching for the result, here you go. In the following lines, you will get the full specifications of Apple iPad Air 2.

Apple iPad Air 2

Full specifications of Apple iPad Air 2

You know that Apple launched the first version of iPad Air back in October 2013 and just after one year; they have launched iPad Air 2, which is far better than previous version. Although, both are quite same in terms of overlook but there is should be a lot of difference between performances.

According to Apple, this new iPad Air 2 is almost 18% thinner than actual iPad Air. The thickness of iPad Air 2 is only 6.1mm, which is lighter than a regular pencil. Apple has also included an anti-reflective coating. As per Apple, this is the thinnest tablet any company has ever made.

You know that previous iPad has A7 chipset. But you will get A8X chipset in iPad Air 2. This is actually made for this new gadget. Alike previous iPad Air, you will get 64-bit architecture in this new iPad. According to Apple, this iPad would be able to provide more than 180 times better graphics. This is really a remarkable announcement and future feature.

iPad Air has 5 megapixel of iSight camera but it is quite upgraded. You will get 8 megapixel of rear camera in iPad Air 2. This is needless to say that you will get auto-focus, face detection, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter and more other features included in the camera. Although, this is not confirmed yet but you can get iPhone 6 Plus like Optical Image Stabilization in iPad Air 2 as well. Apart from the 8 megapixel of rear camera, you will get a front facing camera.

This iSight camera is capable to record video in 1080p. On the other hand, you will also get “slow motion” video recording at 720p resolution.

You know that Apple has launched Apple Pay. Therefore, you will get brand new Apple Pay alongside the Touch ID in Apple iPad Air 2.

What is your opinion after checking the full specifications of Apple iPad Air 2? Do you like the features?

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