iSkysoft PDF Editor Review: The Best PDF Editing Solution For Windows and MAC

Creating and editing PDF documents is a real pain, especially if you are doing lots of complex work around PDF documents. This could mean creating new PDF documents, editing old PDF documents, combining files, adding digital signatures and consolidating multiple documents into one or using forms in your PDF documents.

I primarily use Google Docs and Microsoft Word to create PDF documents but these tools comes with limited features and do not provide capabilities to edit the documents and add different elements to it at a later point in time. In that case, I have to use an online converter to convert the document to Microsoft .docx format, then edit the document in Microsoft Word or Google docs and then export the document to PDF format all over again.

Also, there are instances where editing some portions of a PDF document becomes impossible. You cannot use online conversion tools and other PDF to Word conversion tools to edit everything. For example, you cannot use these tools to edit the digital signature, Author name, description and other meta data associated with PDF documents. Also, when you convert a PDF document to Word format and then convert it back again to PDF format,  sometimes there is a degradation in the quality aspect of your document. Either with fonts or paper size or page numbering – the conversions are not very smooth and accurate.

There are very few solutions available in the market which lets you perform all these actions under one umbrella and iSkysoft’s PDF editing tool is certainly one of the best PDF editing tools for Windows and MAC which you can try.

In this product review and tutorial, we will explore all the features of iSkysoft PDF editor in detail. We will also look into all the features and functionalities iSkySoft PDF editor provides and what makes it one of the best PDF editing solutions for MAC and Windows users.

Create new PDF Documents with iSkysoft PDF Editor

Creating a new PDF document or ebook with iSkysoft’s PDF editor is super easy.

  1. Open iSkysoft’s PDF editor, click the “File” menu and choose “New”. Next, click on “Blank” and give your PDF document a name.You can also choose the paper size and orientation of the document before you start adding content to it.
  2. Start adding elements to your document. You can add text elements, image elements and hyperlinks. You can move elements to different pages and organize the content of the document as you want. It’s extremely easy to use and you don’t need special training or have to go through rigorous tutorials to learn how to create a new PDF document.

3. Once you have added content in the PDF document, you can do more things such as add a header and footer to all the pages, add watermarks, choose a background image or color for the document or crop the document to a specific size.

Once you are done customizing the formatting and other attributes of your PDF document, simply save the file as a new PDF document and it’s ready for use.

You can later edit the same document with iSkysoft PDF editor, as explained below

Edit Existing PDF Documents with iSkysoft PDF editor

Creating PDF documents is not that much of a pain, we can create Word documents with Microsoft Word or Google Docs and export them to PDF format quite easily. Agree that these tools don’t allow you to create a feature rich PDF document (with forms, digitla signatures and other things) but they get the job done.

However, when it comes to editing the content of a PDF document, you cannot use Microsoft Word, Google Docs and other document processing tools. You will need to use a PDF editing application for Windows or MAC and this is where you need a professional PDF editing solution.

Here is how to edit PDF documents with iSkysoft’s PDF editor.

  1. Open the program, go to the file menu and click “Browse”. Find the PDF file in your computer and load it in iSkysoft’s PDF editor.
  2. Once the document is loaded in the PDF editor, you can start editing the content of that document. To edit content, all you need to do is use the “Select” tool and select a paragraph, image or line in the document which you want to edit.

    Once you have selected the content which you want to edit, click the “Edit” button and that particular segment will become editable. You can then simply delete the content and add your own content, just like you do in Microsoft Word, Notepad and other file editing applications. Not only you can add and edit text in the document, but you can also remove images and add your own images.

    To illustrate how this works, we recorded a sample video which shows how you can quickly edit the content of any PDF document

    The comment section allows you to add comments, sticky notes and custom annotations to the PDF document. You can also add custom stamps to the document and highlight specific areas for later reference. This is a very useful feature when you are editing a large enough document and want to highlight specific sections or add sticky notes to different paragraphs which helps to remember what needs to be done in that specific section.

    iSkysoft’s PDF editor also allows you to password protect PDF documents and allows you to set permissions for other editors. You can choose to protect a PDF document with a strong password of your choice and at the same time, you can choose to protect security settings with a different password, so that anyone who tries to change security settings and get access to specific functions has to enter your chosen password.

The “Forms” section allows you to extract data from PDF forms, add forms to your PDF document and either import or export form data to FDF files. I was able to create a basic newsletter signup form and embed it inside an ebook I am currently working on and it worked out really well.

All in all, iSkysoft’s PDF editor is a must use tool if you work with PDF documents, create ebooks and have to edit existing documents all the time. There is no need to use any PDF to word conversion utility since iSkysoft’s PDF editor let’s you create, edit and improve the functionalities of your PDF document – all at one place.

iSkysoft’s PDF editor is available for both Windows and OSX. Be sure to read the user guide for more details on using PDF editor.

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