ISO Workshop: Complete Solution of ISO Files for Windows

ISO is a disc image that is often used in Windows. When Microsoft launches a new operating system, they launch the ISO file of that OS to let others download the OS from their server. ISO is a common disc image and most popular among Windows users. But, please don’t make any confliction between the camera ISO and this disc image format. As mentioned, this ISO is a disc image format, which is often used in Windows and other computer operating system.

However, have you ever got any problem to burn an ISO file into a DVD or CD? Have ever got any problem to create an ISO file from ESD? Have you even got any problem to backup disc as ISO or CUE image file?

ISO Workshop logo

No matter what is your problem, but you certainly solve that problem with the help of ISO Workshop. ISO Workshop is a free software for Windows that will let you do different things.

System Requirements for ISO Workshop

This is a plus point of this software that there is no such special system requirement. You can download and install ISO Workshop on Windows 7 and later version. The most interesting thing is you can download it for 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows.

Features of ISO Workshop

There are actually five features of ISO Workshop and all of them are very useful. You can certainly use all five of them at any time. Another good thing is all the five features or options are included under same roof. That means, it is very easy to switch from one option to another.

ISO Workshop start screen

Make ISO: It will help you to create ISO file from ESD. If you have upgraded your Windows from one older version to another newer version, you can easily convert your ESD files to ISO. This is an awesome feature as it takes time if you convert ESD to ISO.

Burn Image: As said, you can burn image to CD or DVD or Blue-Ray Disc. This is very easy to create bootable Windows CD within moments. Although, there are various methods to create bootable Windows disc, but this solution seems easier than all of them.

ISO Workshop CD Burning

Extract Files: You can extract files and folders from any disc image. Generally, this is not possible without any software and this work is done by this software very calmly.

Backup Disc: It will let you save disc as ISO or CUE image file. Both of them are standard disc image formats.

Convert Image: If you ever need to convert any disc image file from one format to another, you can simply do that. However, this time, there are only two options. ISO to BIN and vice versa.

Hope this little tool will help you a lot. As this is a freeware, there is nothing to lose. You can certainly give it a try.


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