Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Do you use keyboard shortcuts? If not, you should start using them because they can save one heck of your time.

I have been using keyboard shortcuts for a while now. The new version of Windows has some exclusive shortcuts that you will find useful. I am going to list them below so that you can start using right away.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the shortcuts.

Win key + Up Arrow – Snap the window to the top

Win key + Down Arrow – Snap the window to the bottom

Win key + Right Arrow – Snap the window to the right

Win key + Left Arrow – Snap the window to the left

Win Key + I – Opens settings (not control panel)

Win key + U – Opens Ease of Access

Win key + A – Launch action center

Win key + D – Shows desktop

Win key + Tab – Manages opened windows

Win key + S – Opens Cortana

Ctrl + L – Selects the current URL in the address bar

Ctrl + Enter – Adds .com at the end

Ctrl + Tab – Switch between opened tabs

Ctrl + D – Bookmarks the current web page

Ctrl + T – Opens a new tab

Win key + Ctrl+ D – Creates new virtual desktop

Win key + Ctrl + Right or Left Arrow – Switches between available virtual desktops

Win key + Ctrl + F4 – Closes the current virtual desktop

Ctrl + A – Selects the entire text available on the window

Ctrl + Insert – Copies the selected text

Shift + Insert – Paste the copied text

Alt + F4 –Closes the window

A Few Common Windows Shortcuts

Alt + Tab – Switches between Windows

Alt + PrtScr – Takes a screenshot and copies to the clipboard

Win key + PrtScr – Saves the screenshot to the Screenshots directory in the Pictures folder

Win key + L – Locks the desktop

Alt+ F4 at desktop – Opens power options

Win key + E – Opens Windows Explorer

Win key + X – Opens the right- click context menu of the Start button

Wrapping Up

Don’t forget to bookmark this post. Whenever you get time, have a look at all the shortcuts listed here. And, try to implement them during your computer using sessions. Maybe, you will find it awkward to include in your daily sessions. But once you win over the weirdness, you can save a lot of time.


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