Kiddle: Best Search Engine for Kids

Nowadays, this is very important to check everything on the online in order to keep your kids in the safe side. In these preset days, people often face trouble because of having such a cluttered web. Spam and spy are the two common things in these days. Thousands of people are facing problems every day and this has become a common scenario in these days. Therefore, this is very important for you to check what your kids are doing with what kind of stuffs. Otherwise, your kid will start going to a different direction.

There are few popular search engines but Google is the most popular search engine out there. Although, Google takes care of the safe search, but still we get unwanted results. No matter whether your safe search is on or off, yet, you can get 18+ content on Google, which may create a negative impact on your kids. Therefore, to solve this problem, here is a new search engine, which is powered by Google.

Introducing Kiddle

Kiddle search engine for kids

Kiddle is a Google powered visual search engine that can be used by your kids without any problem. It shows very safe search results, which is near to perfect for your kids. Although, there are so many search engines out there for kids, but Kiddle is something different.

It comes with a good design or user interface, which will attract anybody. The childish design is very cute and awesome for your kids. In terms of features, this is also good. You can make web, image, news and video search on Kiddle. No matter what you search for, but you will get a very safe and use-friendly result. All the adult websites are manually blocked.

The most important thing is you can result the Kiddle to block a particular website or keyword using the contact form. Your request will be reviewed within one business day and the website or keyword will be blocked.

The video search is not limited to YouTube or Vimeo. You can also find other reputed websites those often publish videos. This is where it excels because if it limits the search with YouTube, you will get very few result, which is not sufficient to convince any kid.

The same thing happens with News search as well. You can find all the reputed websites in the search result. Although, the looks of this website is quite same as Google but there is a major difference. You can find large images that is awesome for any kid to get attracted.

This is a truly wonderful search engine for kids. You should definitely introduce it to your kids.

AskKids is another search engine for kids.

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