KooBits: A Digital Shelf for Your EBook Collection

KooBits-LogoThe electronic variant of books are increasingly becoming a powerful faction in the internet domain and according to many analysts in the industry, that time is not far off when e-books will overpower their print and paper counterparts.

With the introduction of tablet computers like Apple’s superhit iPad and the portable book readers like B&N Nook and Amazon’s Kindle the reading trend is shifting from the normal orthodox ways to a more stylish one. There are a multitude of digital eBook readers that are available in the market jostling to get some share of eBooks industry.

KooBits is basically a collection manager for all the different kind of e-books that a user might have stored on their computer. More appropriately said, it’s a centralized library for organizing all the different kind of books. KooBits is available for both the platforms that is Mac and PC and is available as a free download having a size of 12.3 MB. One prerequisite for its installation is that you must have Adobe Air installed on your machine. The software’s rich graphical interface is due to Adobe Air that further enhances its graphical gloss.


How To Organize Your eBook Shelf Using KooBits

The good thing about KooBits is that it can open all the various kind of eBook formats like EPUB, HTML, KBJ, PDF and XML available on the internet. Importing all the books on your computer and creating virtual shelves on KooBits is simply a browse-n-add thing. The cover thumbnails that the software creates are large enough enabling users to glance through their entire eBook collection easily. The library that is created has 3 default categories but users can also add other categories as per their reading interests.

Downloading Books using KooBits

Moreover if you don’t have a large collection of eBooks then need not to worry because KooBits gives you a couple of options to fill your virtual shelves. The Bookstore is the place where you can download the free and paid titles. In order to download books from the bookstore you have to first get registered on the site which is free. With just a single click users can download eBooks to their virtual shelves on KooBits. Reading a book on KooBit is also a good experience, the built-in Viewer is the tool that facilitates users in reading books. Viewer tool has features like a Highlighter, Crop Image and a Stamp tool for adding symbolic annotations on the eBooks.

Although KooBits lack some features like absence of search feature and filter for handing large collections but on the whole it is appealing software. KooBits version 4.0 can be downloaded from its website for free.

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