Know the Complete Information About Your Laptop’s Battery

If there is anything frustrating about a notebook or a laptop, it’s the battery. When you buy a laptop, the battery is brand new and thus it gives power backup for 3-5 hours. But after a few months, the backup time reduces to a great extent.

This is because of the habit that we use laptop keeping the AC power ON all the time. As a rule of the thumb, you should unplug the AC power and use the laptop running on battery power. When the power is drained out, you should shut down or hibernate the computer and put the notebook back on AC power.  Keep it for an hour and wait for the laptop to get fully charged. Then start using the laptop as usual.

This is the advice computer vendors give us but we hardly follow this routine because of two reasons. First, our lives are too busy and there is no time to wait. You can not afford to spend an hour without the computer, just because it’s charging. Hence, the laptop is always put on AC power which considerable damages the battery life.

If you want to know the complete power potential of a notebook battery pack, try Battery Eater. It’s a free program for Windows which allows you to test laptop’s battery life and to set up a few important benchmarks.

Set up Benchmarks for Notebooks battery
Once you have downloaded the program, extract the package to a new folder and run the Battery Eater.exe file.The program is portable, hence you can drop it in a USB stick and use it on any laptop you want.

Battery Eater will tell you the following important things regarding laptop’s battery:

  • Currently active power scheme.
  • ID of the laptop’s battery.
  • Serial number of the laptop’s battery
  • The manufacturer of the laptop’s battery
  • Designed capacity and the current capacity of the battery.
  • Current voltage and the designed voltage.
  • Manufactured date, temperature and other physical parameters.

In addition to this, you can generate HTML reports of your laptop’s battery configuration and save it for later use. All in all, a very handy tool which can be used to generate the complete battery information of a laptop or notebook. Here is how an HTML report may look like:

Know and Save the laptop's Battery Information

Hence, if you want to change your laptop’s battery and need a tool to save the reports of current laptop’s battery, give BatteryEater a spin. You can use this tool to compare the performance of two batteries or may be comparing the performance of your notebook’s battery to that of your friend’s notebook’s battery.

Some more freeware utilities for laptop’s:

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