How to Launch Apps from Lock Screen on iOS

Android users can easily use various widgets on lock screen to check something faster. For instance, if you need to check mails, you can add the email widget on your lock screen and mails would be appeared right away. Obviously, you will have to be unlocked with proper credential to check that.

Now, what if you are using iOS? By default, iOS does not have any option like Android to check anything or launch any application from lock screen. You can only open up your Camera, which option is already provided by Apple itself on stock lock screen.

Sometime, this particular feature becomes very useful to launch something. You can easily use frequently opened applications right from lock screen. Moreover, it saves a lot of time.

If you are using iOS, you might feel the lack of this feature. Nevertheless, if you really need it on your iPhone, here is a solution. Today I am going to introduce a Cydia tweak that will let you launch apps from lock screen on iOS. The only required thing is Jailbroken iPhone that is running on iOS 8. This Cydia tweak works perfect on Touch ID enabled iPhone e.g. iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

How to launch apps from Lock screen on iOS?

This is however very easy with BerryC8. This app is being maintained by the creator of JellyLock, which is another popular lock screen management application. Anyway, to get started with this tweak, at first, you need to download it from official BigBoss repository. You can find it on your Cydia application.


After install BerryC8, open up stock Settings app and go to BerryC8 settings pane.


The first you have to do is enable it. To enable, just tap on the grey button and make it green. You will have to Respring your iPhone to get the change reflected right away. Every time, you will have to respring your iPhone in order to get the changes. However, after enabling it, you will get some options to operate it as per your requirements,


Now, tap on App Shortcuts and select a number. You can add up to eight app icons on your lock screen launcher. Therefore, select a number and set apps one after one.


If you need two apps, just select two apps. Alternatively, if you need seven apps on your lock screen, just select seven apps.


The very next important feature is Icon Opacity. You can change the icon opacity anytime you want by just decreasing the level.


This is possible to adjust the transparency as per your lock screen wallpaper or background image.

You have almost done with the changes. To get the changes right away, just tap on Respring button.

That’s it! Now, to launch the application on Touch ID enabled devices, just tap, hold the app icon, drag it onto TouchID, hold your finger on the TouchID and that’s all!

In this way, you can easily open any pinned application right from lock screen.

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