Launch programs,Folders and Files using key combinations in Windows

There are so many application launchers around but this free application launcher for windows is the most easy to use.It lets you open programs,files and websites using a keystroke combination.

ControlPad is the most easiest application launcher i have ever seen.Here is how it works :

1.Start the Controlpad app and hold on * on your numeric keyboard to bring the launcher into action.

controlpad-keyboard-launcher2.Type a key combination that you can memorize.For example : type TD if you wish to open Tweetdeck using that key combination.

3.Hit the slash key in the numeric keyboard again and browse to the Tweetdeck executable file or shortcut.

4.Hit enter to save your Key combination.

That’s it. Now whenever you wish to open Tweetdeck instead of searching for the program in start menu or your cluttered desktop just press the * key in your numeric keyboard,type the key combination (e.g TD) and hit enter to start the application.

Here is a a short screen cast which describes how Controlpad works :

Earlier i had used Launchy : another application launcher for windows but it has some disadvantages.First it was slow and consumed heavy memory.Secondly,it has much more functions that i never used.Comparing between Launchy and Controlpad i think the latter will stay in my system for sure.

Controlpad is a useful app for windows users to launch programs and files they frequently use with a few keystrokes.It can work on multiple computers and from a USB stick as it is a portable application.[via gHacks]


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